4 Growth-Minded Tools Every Small Business Should Have

Running a business is an all-encompassing endeavor.  As a small business owner, you may take on a variety of roles such as the website maker, blog writer, scheduler, bookkeeper, receptionist, and others. There are many jobs to be done, and it is crucial to have systems in place that can simplify your life and make the process as smooth as possible. Here are four must-have tools to help your business grow and help you become more professional, diligent, and responsive.

A Savvy Virtual Phone System

Many business professionals are no longer tied to a single location. Given this modern-day reality of being able to work from anywhere, it is essential to have a linked phone, or a virtual phone system, so customers can connect to your business when needed. Having a business number that links to your smartphone or your team members’ phones is a way to demonstrate that you are a responsive business. Phone application systems like Ninja Number provide scalable communication solutions so that you, your team, or an automated system can seamlessly answer calls while you are on the go.

An Attractive Website

Only 64% of small businesses have an online presence, according to the Small Business Administration. One of the main reasons why 36% of new business owners do not have a website is that it seems too challenging and expensive to build. However, there are companies such as Squarespace and Wix that make building a website a snap. The straightforward drag and drop features make it easy to publish websites quickly.

An online presence gives customers the confidence they need to make a purchase. A website is how customers will most likely find and interact with you. In fact, consumers may question your credibility if you do not have a site. Browsing around this virtual brick and motor space should be easy and intuitive. Simple website makers provide user-friendly designs that can help you look credible and organized.

A Catchy Marketing Automation System

Marketing automation streamlines marketing tasks and helps build a larger customer base. Once you have clients or customers, it is crucial to keep in touch with them via email with newsletters, announcements of new products or services, and coupons. MailChimp and Constant Contact are popular marketing systems and are used to keep customers engaged with your business.

As soon as a new customer comes to the site, the automation system can add a popup asking the customer to subscribe to your business list. A smart way to grow your customer list and develop a solid customer base is to offer a free download or a discount in exchange for the person’s email. A growing list is a potential goldmine. As you grow, your services and products will too. Launching a new product directly to a client email list can significantly impact your bottom line.

A Unique Social Media Presence

Many of your customers are hanging out on a social media platform, and you should be as well. A social media presence is vital. However, do not delve into it before doing your research. What are your competitors doing? How do they engage with social media? What are they posting? Are their customers commenting, and if so, what are they saying? Doing research is essential for creating an angle that is unique to you, your personality, and the brand’s essence.

Business owners might not see how they can use social media other than to promote their businesses. It is more than that. Each platform has analytics tools that provide better insight into customer behavior and new perspectives on your targeted demographic. Also, it can be used as an invaluable listening tool. For example, Twitter’s TweetDeck offers ways to track your industry and track what customers say about you and your competitors.

You have a great business idea, product, or service to share. It is essential to follow the trends and understand how customers are engaging with businesses. Building a loyal customer base requires that you are present both personally and online. Implementing a responsive phone system keeps you connected. Driving clients to a well-crafted website, keeping in contact with them with marketing automation, and analyzing your competitors and clientele make you a business-savvy individual. Implementing these four tools will help you gain momentum and customers.

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