8 Reasons Your eCommerce Store Should Give SMS Marketing a Try

Many businesses will shy away from SMS marketing, but this year, you’ll want to consider it. SMS marketing efforts can increase conversion rates and customer loyalty, while helping to build trust and a more powerful relationship between you and your customers. Since you’re not running a storefront, you have fewer opportunities to truly connect and interact with your customers—which means you should be doing everything you can to bridge that gap. SMS marketing can help.

Not sure about SMS marketing? That’s ok. Here are eight reasons why your eCommerce stores should give SMS marketing a try.

1. Automation

Automation is becoming more and more important in business, and especially in marketing. Automating mundane tasks like follow-up emails and SMS messages saves the time and effort of doing it manually, which also saves the cost of having someone do it. Automation is easy when you use an SMS service.

You can allow customers to opt-in to SMS alerts when new products come out, company news occurs, or anything else. The keyword here is opt-in. You always want to ask your customers if they want to receive SMS communications, and give them an option to opt-out if they wish.

2. Affordability

SMS marketing is one of the most affordable marketing tools at your disposal. Once everything is set up, it requires little maintenance but can provide a huge ROI if you do it right. Pretty much everyone carries a smartphone or device, so you’ll increase your chances of actually reaching customers and improve your customer loyalty.

Automation is one of the best ways for modern businesses to shave off thousands of dollars in expenses. By adopting SMS marketing, you’re automating a small but important piece of your marketing efforts, which can save you thousands and potentially bring in more sales. Can your business afford not to save a few hundred or a few thousand dollars each month?

3. Increase Cart Recovery Rate/Reduce Abandonment

Sites like https://blackbuffalo.com/ understand the importance of good web design. The site is easy to navigate, aesthetically-pleasing, and everything you need is right at your fingertips. But good web design just isn’t enough to reduce cart abandonment. Did you know that the average cart abandonment rate is around 69%? That’s a disturbingly high number, don’t you think?

Using SMS communications can help customers remember that they have a cart full of items. Abandonment doesn’t always happen because the customer just isn’t interested anymore. Sometimes, life just gets in the way and customers forget about what they were buying.

4. Send Custom Alerts

Do you have company news you want to share? A new product? Exclusive offer? What better way to reach the customer with important information than via SMS? A large percentage of people carry around a smartphone, which means you’re increasing the chances that a customer will see the alert and act on it.

Always be sure to include a link if possible. If you’re talking about a new product, provide a link to it in your eCommerce store. The same goes for promotions or sales. Always include a link so the customer has easy access to the offer.

5. Better Communication Between You And The Customer

You could be selling CBD gummies like https://vermafarms.com/collections/cbd-gummies or web-building services like Wix; it doesn’t matter. You still need to maintain good communication with your customers, especially since you’ll never see them in person. An eCommerce customer should be treated with the same level of respect and communication that you’d give to an in-person customer.

SMS alerts can allow your customers to interact directly with your business, which can help the customer feel more trustworthy of your brand. Nurturing that relationship through good communication is perhaps the best way to foster loyalty. 

6. Shipping Notifications

Who doesn’t like custom shipping notifications on their orders? I know I do! Giving your customers the option to choose custom shipping notifications will keep them excited for their packages and inspire them to continue shopping on your site—especially if you’re offering free or discounted shipping costs.

Remember to always give your customers the option to opt-out of shipping and SMS notifications. The idea is to give customers more control over their experience and their orders, and not offering an opt-out option may put you out of SMS compliance rules

7. Remind Customers You’re There

Maybe your customer hasn’t visited the site in a while and you want to bring them back. Or, maybe they never responded to a notification they signed up for. Either way, SMS notifications can help remind customers that you’re there and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.


SMS marketing is easy, affordable, and allows you to automate a crucial but tedious part of your business and marketing efforts. Building trust with your customers starts with good communication, and since you’re solely an online store, you need a communication boost. This is the way to do it!

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