Back Pain: Inflammation, Excess Weight, and Underdeveloped Glutes

I KNOW back pain.

L5 S1 Disc Rupture

It started with disc degeneration (FYI most people over 40 have this on some level)

Then there was a full disc rupture (scroll to see.) It was so bad that I had foot drop, and loss of use of my right leg…

There was an urgent surgery (laser endoscopic) and then a second one later.

There was temporary alleviated pain. And then it came back…

“If only you had a strong core” they said… I DID

“If only you understood the body keeps the score- it’s your emotions they said”… I DID

“If only you do PT, stem cell, Chiro, meditate, surgery, massage, spend a fortune on Sarno experts, Acupuncture, I DID THEM ALL

Everything helped… in the moment.. temporarily… but nothing FIXED IT. The disc between L5 S1 was now gone.

And then that one day, my daughter said that to me. I got on a mission to develop my glutes…it started as ego (hey bigger butts are in!) but it taught me so much…

The pain drastically reduced most days. Why? Because when you have underdeveloped glutes your disc take all the weight and pressure! Develop and use your glutes and you take the disc out of the main equation. Lightbulb moment for me!

Developing glutes… The difference in PAIN is NIGHT AND DAY.

I’m not 100% out of pain- I do get flare ups and they are not amazing. But they are not debilitating anymore.We do not talk enough about this…and we should. AND as we age we we lose our butts if we do not focus on them.

If you have back pain and also have tried “everything” my question to you is “how is your butt building going?”At 50 I finally really have them! This pic was taken 2 weeks ago.

What else should you do?

❤ Lose excess fat
❤Eat anti inflammatory
❤Get your mind and motivation right to get out of pain

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