Best Practices When Moving During Corona Times: Stay Safe and Alive

The start of the year 2020 was dreadful as we have to face the lethal pandemic that costs us several lives. As the year went by, the virus was a bit under control until we hit the year 2021, and boom, we are again dealing with fresh and deadlier than ever waves of Coronavirus. 

All across the world, the pandemic is growing intense and affecting lives the way it did in 2020. While our ignorance is to blame partly, the ability of the virus to mutate is the primary reason. However, what remains a constant is that life does not stop and you must find safe neighborhoods and safe communities to live in. The trusted local moving companies with iMoving state that people living in highly affected areas are moving to safer zones. As relocation remains a great option, it does expose you to the risk of getting infected. 

You may have to leave your base for several other reasons and whatever be the reason, you must move safely, with all pandemic appropriate restrictions in mind. To make it easier for our readers, we have combined this guide for safe relocation during the pandemic. 

Keep points to follow when moving locally during the pandemic

If you are moving during the pandemic, it is crucial to ensure all safety measures. You need to take care of a few things, including but not limited to:

1. Avoid it if you can

Yes, contrary to what we said earlier, we would like to suggest that it is safest if you can avoid moving the house in the first place. Yes, until and unless it is crucial, you must not risk yourself and your family with the hassle of relocation.

Relocating a house itself is a troublesome process and with the threat of the virus, it can easily become overwhelming. As the process involves a lot of ventures, you can easily get exposed to the virus and fall sick. Considering the current situation of pandemics around the world, it is best to take measures to stay safe. 

2. Follow the CDC guidelines

If you cannot avoid the move, it is strictly recommended to follow CDC guidelines. The Center for Disease Control has released rules and restrictions for the US population to follow and stay safe during the pandemic. When moving, you must follow these guidelines and ensure that you, your family as well as the movers are safe and protected. Some key rules to follow are:

  • Maintain social distancing and stay 6 feet apart from everyone involved in the moving process. 
  • Leave your home only when it is unavoidable.
  • Wear a proper mask when you venture outside the house. 
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds using soap and water. 
  • If you do not have access to soap and water, use an alcohol-based sanitizer to sanitize your hands periodically. 

You can also visit the CDC official website and read more guidelines and follow them. 

3. Prepare yourself or the move

It is recommended that you prepare for move-in in advance. However, with Coronavirus, you also need to prepare yourself for the moving process. As the process will demand you to engage with the movers, handle the rental truck loading and unloading needs, travel across the town to the new neighborhood, and then get exposed to the new property. You will have a high chance of contracting the virus and hence you must be prepared.  Wearing all the personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves. 

Make sure when you interact with the movers or any other individual, you wear the right personal protective equipment. Also, wash your hands or use a sanitizer whenever you touch anything or anyone. It is also recommended that you use fresh boxes and not recycled ones.

4. Sanitize thoroughly 

You must pay attention to sanitization. As per the CDC guidelines, it is crucial that sanitize all the surfaces before you contact them. Moreover, you must sanitize your hands now and then. Washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water is recommended, you can also use a sanitizer with 70% alcohol content for sanitization. 

At all times, you should avoid touching your face, especially your nose, eyes, and mouth.  When you touch any surface, sanitize. Also, clean your entire property thoroughly before you start using it. 

Find a reliable moving company with COVID- appropriate moving guidelines

Whether you are moving locally or to a long-distance, you must partner with a reliable moving company. As you start your search for a credible moving company, make sure to check their pandemic-appropriate moving policy. The best movers in the city understand the importance of no-contact services and will ensure that they offer you safely moving services. You must read the no-contact moving policy of the movers and contract with someone who satisfies all the safe moving requirements during the pandemic. 

Pay attention to your health 

You must be very attentive to your health. If you are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms, it is important to seek medical help you may be infected and can infect others as well. The sooner you get medical care and self-isolate yourself, the better you will be able to recover and protect those around you. 

If you have no other option than to move your house during the pandemic, you must follow these best practices to stay safe. 

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