Best Video Conferencing Apps for Android Devices

All across the globe, the trend for work from home is really catching up due to its feasibility for employees, and as long as productivity is maximized, it is an option more and more getting approval and acceptance from employers. In the event of work from home, what becomes a necessity and a must, is video conferencing for all those meetings you’re not having in board rooms of your offices. There are numerous video conferencing apps in the market that are suitable for android devices. Some compromise your privacy and security and put your data at risk. These are of course video conferencing apps that you should avoid. So, how would you know the video conferencing apps you’re choosing for the purposes of communication, are the best and do not violate your privacy or security in any way? 

In this article, we introduce you to the top 10 best video conferencing apps for Android devices that are available on Play store for easy download. 

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1. Google Hangouts

Almost all of us having a Google Hangouts account, thanks to the Google Accounts we have. It is very hard to find someone these days who does not have a Google account, hence using this is a good and easy way to connect for most people working remotely. For the Google Hangouts version, up to 10 people can be on the same video conference, and they can enter it via a shareable link that the system creates. The premium version that companies can opt for is G Suite with numerous enterprise level features that allow more than 100,000 viewers on a video conference who are connected within the same domain, and you can also save and record these meetings for future purposes in Google Drive. 

2. CISCO WEBEX meetings

CISCO has an endless range of enterprise-level products and its web conferencing alternative is WEBEX. Whereas all of its other products are usually expensive, WEBEX comes with a free option for users. For a single video conference, there can be a limit of 100 people with 1GB of cloud storage, in the free version. With Webex, people with standard telephones in 52 countries can also join the web conference easily. Their premium version has more enterprise level features, essentially fitted to suit the needs of companies.

3. Zoom Meetings

Zoom is a great platform that has earned incredible support in the last year. It comes in a free version for users, at all. A single video conference can have up to 100 people, but a video conference that includes more than 3 people, only lasts for 40 minutes. These restrictions can be removed if you shift to the premium version.

Zoom has currently used globally for online classes and tutoring. Companies are also using Zoom for the remote online meetings. So, use it to connect with your gang and spend time online with them.

4. Skype

Skype has been around for years now and is the most popular video conferencing platform. It has an android app version for users, it is free, and it can hold up to 50 people in a conference for unlimited duration. The only drawback people tend to face while using Skype is, they need to have it downloaded on their devices. A cloud-based call recording feature is also available, and you can store the data for 30 days, and everyone on the call gets a notification that it is being recorded.

Best Video Conferencing Apps

5. Jitsi

Jitsi’s android app version is extremely accessible and a quite popular choice, because it is absolutely free. For your video conference, this is one of the best free modules available out there, which allows you to connect with an unlimited number of participants. It allows you to record the file for future purposes by streaming it to YouTube, if you want it public, to be downloaded as a link among the members, or you can simply download it from the settings.

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6. FreeConference

The free version of this video conferencing platform allows 5 participants to be a part of the video conference, in case it is an audience conference, the number is opened up to include 100 participants. If you switch to the more enterprise-level suited Premium option, you can take up more than 1000 audio conferencing participants, who can connect via standard telephones as well. The ability to record calls, for safekeeping and downloading, is also available in the paid version of FreeConference

7. GoToMeeting

In the domain of video conferencing platforms, GoToMeeting is a newer and popular option that is catching up. The lowest free version supports 15 participants in a call with amazing audio and video quality, and if you opt for the premium version, you can move over to include around 125 participants. What makes it beneficial and one of the key choices is a  Material Design UI, presentation features and calendar syncing options available to the participants. 

Best Video Conferencing Apps

8. Gruveo

Though you might not have heard much about this one, Gruveo allows you to have a video chat phone number that you can give to your office for connecting with you directly anytime. The direct codes that it offers, is the best part about its free version. Its premium version allows for screen sharing and custom branding.

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9. Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is a perfect video conferencing app for scheduled events, that you might have for your office. Its quality and latency are impressive, to begin with, you can have standard text based interactions while on video, and file sharing is also enabled here. Calls can be scheduled here automatically, and its excellent design makes it quite popular, though it allows up to 16 participants in the free version. 

10. BlueJeans

Quite unheard of, BlueJeans is a video conferencing app that’s very useful and available across devices. If you want to use it for more than a meeting, like as in a webinar or present to a crowd based audience, it has webinar tools suited for you. They allow you enterprise pricing, and give you a free trial to get started upon. Their features allow up to 50 participants with video recording facilities. If you’re working remotely, this should be a good app to rely upon.

These are some of the most popular and feature-rich video conferencing apps for smartphones. I find the free version of all of these apps enough for personal usage. You can connect with multiple friends and enjoy quality audio and video during the conference. The key features are available in all of these apps but if you are looking for a specific feature like the maximum number of participants allowed, file sharing, calendar then you can select the one accordingly or go for the premium version.

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