Blunders You Must Stay Away From While Making Crypto Trading

The cryptocurrency market is on a full bloom right now. Every trader and investor are on the lookout to leverage from this opportunity and earn higher returns.

However, owing to the volatility of the crypto market, it is not as easy as it seems, considering the fact that it is almost impossible to constantly monitor the price of any cryptocurrency.

The reason why most traders lose more than they earn in the crypto market. Today, I am here to discuss some of the most common mistakes you need to stay away while dealing in cryptocurrencies. Additionally, don’t forget to visit this site to get more idea on the subject:

Trading too often

Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of popularity in a very short span of time. However, people have this misconception that making money from trading in cryptocurrencies is an extremely simple and quick way that can make them a millionaire overnight.

trading too often

It is important to realize that in order to make investments that yield huge profits, one needs to be patient. Each of your transactions must be backed by thorough research and data that incline on the higher trend. Only then, the investment will justify the given time and money.

Instead of trading blindly on a regular basis, it is better if you observe the market carefully and wait for the perfect moment to trade. This will help you earn much more profits than making huge investments without thinking.

Letting emotions ride your decisions

If you want to trade successfully in the crypto market, you need to avoid taking your emotions into account while making a decision.

Scammers tend to target our emotions. They offer lucrative deals that promise huge returns in a short time. Our greed comes into play and we are tempted to invest in such schemes to try and make instant money.


No matter how lucrative a deal is, you need to suppress your emotions and think rationally before making further decisions.

I know that it is very difficult because the human mind is trained to listen to what the emotions have to say. Therefore, my suggestion is that you must use crypto trading bots. These assure a decision completely based on facts and figures. The bots run on a predefined set of rules and are much more efficient than humans.

Trading without a proper strategy

One of the worst mistakes you can commit in a market as volatile as cryptocurrency is trading without having a proper strategy. Just going through data and information on various websites will not give you an upper hand while investing in cryptocurrency.

Do not think of crypto trading as a game. It is not just merely buying a cryptocurrency when the prices are low and selling them when they are high. You need to consider many other factors while crypto trading if you want your investment to fetch you good returns.


You need to conduct a fair amount of research before you make any investment. It is important that you clearly understand the benefits of all the cryptocurrencies out there and choose the one that is best suited for you. Study the recent price patterns of your chosen cryptocurrency to get a better idea of how it would perform in the coming days.

It is very important that you jump into the world of crypto trading fully equipped. Gather the required expertise in the different aspects of the field and utilize this knowledge to form a strategy that will help you gain maximum profits.

Choosing Bitcoins and other popular Altcoins over newer coins.

In order to gain better profits, we often tend to invest only in established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The problem with this practice is that you might be missing out on the opportunity of trading in the new coins that have a better potential for growth.

Choosing Bitcoins

Established cryptos have already reached their peaks. Thus, it takes a very dramatic event to raise the prices significantly. On the other hand, the newer cryptos see a surge in price with the smallest of positive changes in the market. The scope for earning more profits by investing in established cryptos is decreasing due to a lesser potential for growth.  

Getting involved with new cryptos is riskier by default. Before you engage in trading, make sure your research is strong. Once you are 100% sure of the ingenuity of the currency and feel that it is beneficial for you to trade in it, buy it gets overcrowded.

Opting an insecure exchange

For traders who opt for the new coins, it is a common mistake to enter into smaller and more insecure exchanges as these coins will be easily available in them. Do not ever compromise on trading on a secure exchange. Infact, for the utmost security, my suggestion is that you must never opt for the ones that are non-inclusive of the Top 10 crypto exchanges.

There is no governing body or any cryptocurrency. Thus, if you lose coins from your wallet they are gone forever. To avoid suffering from such a loss, make sure that you trade only on reputable exchanges.

Conduct your own research before registering on any exchange. The basic criteria for such research should be trading volume, frequency of hacker attacks, security and transparency levels and reviews from other traders using the platform.

Following the decisions of other traders

Traders who are new to the crypto market often tend to seek advice from the experienced traders for solid guidance. They follow their recommendations and decisions very closely.

The tendency to follow other people instead of looking for facts and making your own informed decisions is very wrong. In crypto trading, there are many moments that seem like a perfect opportunity to buy or sell cryptos but in reality, they are not that great opportunities. To avoid making the wrong trade decisions, it is better that you conduct your own research to determine a good time for buying or selling cryptos.

I am not asking you to ignore the advice of more experienced traders. All I am saying that it is always wise to verify things for your satisfaction. This will help you trade better and give you some real-time experience, which is greatly required when buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

So, the next time you are trading in cryptocurrencies, avoid these blunders at all costs only if you don’t want to lose all your hard-earned money!

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