Cooking Crush – Highly Addictive Time Management Cooking Games

Hello, today I would like to introduce a brilliant cooking game, unlike other cooking games. It is called Cooking Crush. It has been developed by Flowmotion Entertainment Cooking And Time Management Games. It is appropriate for all ages. It can be played by parents and children alike. All will find it interesting. Once you start playing, you will not be able to peel your eyes away from it.

What makes food games so captivating?

Cooking in a kitchen is not everyone’s favorite hobby but cooking games are quite fun for everyone. It employs the concept of cooking without the inconvenience of standing and sweating in front of a hot, boiling pot. It brings a sense of achievement to the player and the player gets motivated to achieve good things in real life as well.

Such time management and cooking games, however, is different from others like it. Cooking Crush focuses on more than just cooking. In this game, you are the player. You are the master chef. You are responsible for running an entire restaurant. You decide how and when to make the dishes. You decide what your food games should look like. You pick the table arrangements for your kitchen.

As a master chef, you are the head of this restaurant. You must greet the customers with a smile and take their orders. The order can be big or little, depending on your customer. At the starting levels, your customers will order easy meals and you will find that you are making the dishes without any difficulty. However, this changes as the players keep playing. The levels become more and more difficult and you are left with no choice but to learn to adapt. This will enable you to learn a new set of skills.

Do not worry though, you will not be burdened beyond your capacity. The game is designed strategically so that you can seamlessly enhance your skills with time.

What are the take-home lessons from this food game?

  • Assuming the role of a master chef, you are in charge of every detail. You must use your mind to its full potential to organize everything systematically. You must work under a deadline and perform your task with perfection. This kind of pressure may seem intimidating but it will carve a well-composed man out of you. This game will teach you the importance of time and timely actions. You will understand how best to manage your time in order to get the majority of your work done.
  • In addition, this game requires not only quantity but also quality. Very much like in an actual restaurant, the customers expect high-quality service. It is your job to ensure that the food is cooked to perfection and you serve the food quickly while it is hot and fresh. You will learn the beauty of doing an honest day’s work.
  • Effort is something that never goes unnoticed. Even if you are working in the catering business, you can put in good effort and people will commend you on it. In this game, you are supposed to maintain a certain atmosphere in your restaurant so that the customers come pouring in due to attraction. The satisfaction of getting your deserved reward will teach you an important lesson which you would surely carry into your real life.
  • Money is an important part of our society. Everything runs on money. However, those of you who have not yet started working will not know the true importance. It is not the luxuries you can afford with it but the tasks that must be done as they are a necessity, like bills, et cetera. Such cooking games will teach you the importance of spending your money (gold coins) on things that are either going to come in handy in the upcoming levels or keep customers happy. It may not seem like a big thing but it is a very crucial life lesson that must be learned by everyone.

What is your final verdict?

Cooking Crush is an excellent game and you should definitely play it. 

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