Cooler, Better Sleep for a Better You – The OOLER Sleep System

A good nights sleep COULD save your marriage!!

For REAL!!!  Lol…

All kidding aside, if you are like me and my husband, it goes something like this…

Me:  I am freezing!

Brooks:  Are you kidding me?  It’s HOT!

I bundle on the blankets and my husband makes fun of me that we are in San Diego…and not the Arctic.

30 minutes or an hour later, I’m throwing the blankets off of me, and onto to his side of the bed because I am burning up!

He just shakes his head and pushes them back my way…and builds a blanket wall between us which I usually tear  down by throwing the blankets on the floor!

No matter what temperature I’m feeling, HE always seems to be feeling the opposite.  Can you relate?

As a woman, we have very different systems than men. And, you add aging and some hot flashes and night sweats on top of that and watch out!

Let’s not forget that a solid nights sleep is amazing for EVERYONE!

I have been on a mission to improve my sleep.  I started with supplements, an air purifier, a nice mattress, weighted blankets….but NOTHING could help with the biggest and most annoying issue to my sleep – the temperature!!!

Ooler to the rescue…

What Is The OOLER Sleep System? 

Put simply, the OOLER Sleep System is designed to help  improve your night’s sleep by regulating your body temperature through circulating either heated or cooled water through a mattress pad.

It not only regulates the surface temperature of your mattress, but it also ends the battle over the thermostat on the wall. 

If you’ve heard of the chiliPad, the OOLER is an upgraded evolution from that.  The OOLER is the most advanced sleep system that operates using a hydronic pad, control unit(s), paired with a phone app.

The water-powered thermal range can cool to 55 degrees and heat to 115 degrees and is designed to offer consistent and active thermal control without any harmful EMF emissions. 

It might sound quite involved but honestly it’s as easy as making your bed and the amount of water required to make a difference in temperature is not enough to make a different in the comfort of your mattress.

No, you won’t feel like you’re sleeping on a water bed. 

In fact, my husband is a HUGE tempur-pedic memory foam fan.  He was a bit ‘skeptical’ of putting anything other than a sheet between him and the mattress.

After 1-night, he loved it.  It didn’t impact the feeling of the memory foam at all, and he REALLY liked it that he could keep his side of the bed COOL all night long!

The OOLER Sleep System

About the OOLER Sleep System

The OOLER Sleep SystemOOLER Control Unit

  • Very sleek in appearance
  • Efficient water-based cooling and heating 
  • Variable ambient noise controls (silent, low white noise and high white noise) 
  • Small in size and fits under most beds
  • Blue-light blocking lens with auto-dim display
  • Large water reservoir with low water indications
  • UV-light based auto cleaning system 


The OOLER Sleep SystemOOLER Hydronic Pad

  • Fits any size and style of mattress
  • Stretchable top fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Polyester fill with ⅛” hydronic tubing that you definitely can’t feel 
  • Polyester bottom with waterproof coating
  • 7’ connection adjustable base ready 


The OOLER Sleep SystemOOLER Phone App: 

  • State of the art sleep scheduling and warm awaking 
  • Programmable sleep schedules by day 
  • Warm Awake feature as an alarm clock replacement (your bed gets warm and wakes you — and it actually works)
  • Advanced low water notifications 
  • Auto on/off timing to pre-cool or pre-heat before bed 


Sleep and Your Overall Wellness

Being healthy isn’t JUST about your diet and working out. Honestly, getting enough sleep is one of THE most important factors to our overall health. Sleeping helps us recover But getting enough sleep only counts if you’re getting GOOD sleep. Core temperature is one of the key biological factors for ensuring good quality sleep. Studies show that optimized deep sleep is proven to enhance muscle recovery by as much as 30% and improve physical performance by as much as 9%. 


The OOLER Sleep SystemGetting Cooler, Better, Deeper Sleep Helps You AGE IN REVERSE

The OOLER Sleep System is a nature-based sleep solution that is able to change the way you sleep — for the better! During the night, your internal body clock (also known as circadian rhythm) causes your body temperature to naturally decrease by 1 to 2 degrees.

Just as the dropping of the sun’s light tells our brain to release melatonin, the drop in night-time temperature helps our body to shed heat. 

The ideal temperature plays a much bigger role in your overall sleep quality than you might be aware of. Scientists can prove humans fall asleep faster and sleep better in cooler environments.

Studies have shown that the decline in body temperature increases the likelihood of falling asleep and can also help to promote deeper sleep throughout the night.

In fact, cooling in the middle of the night can up to double your deep sleep! There are also direct links to the drop in body temperature and the production of melatonin (the body’s naturally occurring hormone that is the magic ingredient to your circadian rhythm cycle). 

During your nightly periods of deep sleep, your body drops to its lowest temperature, which can essentially be “timed” when using a cooling pad like OOLER. By having a cool sleep space, you create a more productive environment to activate your sleep switch and get much deeper sleep. 

If you’re getting more deep sleep, then you’re recharging as naturally intended as possible and will notice that your learning capability is higher, your memory is better, you’re more physically able, and you’re in peak physical AND mental shape.

When you’re not getting enough sleep, you probably know you’re feeling physically run down, your short- and long-term memory might be suffering, and you might be storing extra weight. 

Here is some more really interesting information and hacks for getting more deep sleep


What If I’m Always Cold When I Sleep? 

The OOLER Sleep SystemEveryone has an ideal sleep temperature that is different from the next. This is one of the main reasons people struggle with being too hot or too cold (espeically when sleeping in the same room as a partner who has a different sleep temperature than you).

Being able to control YOUR temperature separate from your partners helps you fall asleep faster, better…and then stay that way! 

Good morning sunshine at last! 

The OOLER gives you degree by degree adjustability that gives you temperature perfection all night long. This way you and your partner can have your ideal temperatures on your side of the bed.

Hot flashes? No problem.
Finding the cold sheets or pillow?  Easy day…OOLER keeps it cool!
Hate climbing into cold sheets?  You don’t have too!  OOLER will warm them up!
Does your Sunday night have different requirements than your Friday night?  Set a different schedule as needed!

The OOLER lets you set different temperatures for different days (and different sides of the bed) so you and your partner can sleep like kings and queens all night long.

The OOLER Sleep System comes as either “ME” or “WE” and fits any bed.

We have the WE and love it! I use the automated time to set mine at 63 degrees while I sleep and to slowly raise to 105 degrees before wakeup time so  need for an alarm!

Anyways- its my new sleep obsession.

Check it out!

And all kidding aside…it really has made sharing the same bed with my husband MUCH easier!  I can use the app and customize MY side of the bed…and he can do the same for himself.

For something you will most likely doing for 6-8+ hours a night…you will DEFINITELY use it and see the value in it!

– Natalie Jill

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