Coronavirus and Toilet Paper

Coronavirus and Toilet Paper

The Corona Virus is scary and serious… the toilet paper hoarding and scarcity is just weird.

Crazy how fast things can change in a week! This coronavirus has really created so much fear around the globe for good reason.

I DO believe that while we want to focus on what we WANT , not what we’re scared of (fear based) we still need to be cautious! Being smart and proactive is ALWAYS a good thing. There are a lot of people in legit risk of this being life threatening. Especially so many who live with compromised immune systems.

Here is what me and my family are doing:

Upping our vitamin C through supplements and more citrus fruits. This will not prevent getting this, it does up your immune system to fight it though.

Continuing to eat wholesome unprocessed natural real foods like I share in my books. I want us in the healthiest possible state.

Getting hyper diligent with the hand-washing ! Seriously you can’t overdo this! WASH YOUR HANDS.

Not putting ourselves in excessively large crowds – why risk that right now?

Still supporting local businesses! Let’s not create financial hardships where we do not need to!

Living our lives! Focussing on what we are working on, our clients, hobbies, connecting with people and still living! Being aware of what’s going on but not living in fear.

Not obsessing over the news. Staying informed (checking daily) but not obsessively checking newsfeeds which makes it a focus of fear.

And last but not least, we are not hoarding toilet paper LOL here is the only logical reason I could see for that! Finally installing that bidet!

Talk to me?! What are your thoughts around what is happening?


Natalie Jill

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