Enter the World of AI-Enhanced Listening with xFyro ANC Pro Headphones

What’s the next big breakthrough in true wireless headphones? Bigger speakers? Longer battery life?


In 2021, we’re getting a taste of AI-powered listening from the new xFyro ANC Pro headphones. 

If you were hoping for any of those other breakthroughs, don’t worry. The xFyro ANC Pro have you covered there too. 

Not only do they include ground-breaking AI ANC tech, but they also include industry-topping features such as:

  • 100-hour battery life
  • Graphene nano-speakers
  • IPX5 waterproofing
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • And MORE

We got an advance pair because we’re in the know, and we’re going to take you through all the features of these artificial intelligence-powered earbuds right now.

Pssst… Hey, FYI, you can get an advanced pair of xFyro ANC Pro too if you order soon. They’re having a special pre-sale for their loyal backers from their crowdfunding days. Grab an early-bird pair at 50% off before they’re gone

AI-Enhanced Active Noise Cancellation 

What’s it like to listen to your music with AI working in the background? 

The truth is, you’ll never notice it’s there—until you need to. When you turn on xFyro’s AI-enhanced Transparency Mode, it will automatically listen for sounds in your environment via the beamforming mic.

xFyro’s algorithm has learned to identify and categorize 6000+ sounds. When unforeseen traffic barrels by, a siren sounds, or someone starts talking to you, the AI will kick in and send that information to your ears, breaking the ANC barrier for singular, crucial sounds. 

This allows you to remain aware of your surroundings even with noise cancellation at full power (and these earbuds feature POWERFUL ANC—50% more dBs than AirPods Pro). 

noise cancellation

With xFyro’s AI active, you NEVER have to take off your headphones. Any distractions or voices will pass through to your ears without you having to press pause, and you can maintain full conversations with ease. Finally, audiophiles like us will be able to live life with a soundtrack that never stops. 

If you don’t need AI ANC all the time, you can toggle between no ANC, standard ANC, and Transparency Mode (AI) depending on your needs.

Graphene Nano-tech Speakers

Instead of trying to jam standard speakers into tiny earbuds (what most brands are doing), xFyro took a different path. They asked, “Why not look for an excellent speaker material that’s already tiny?” 

They found the answer in graphene, a nano lattice that’s 1000x stronger than steel and 200x thinner than paper. It’s incredibly tiny yet nearly invincible—the perfect material for drivers in true wireless headphones. 

Graphene’s strength allows it to reverberate more without degrading, delivering quality audio experiences that last longer. It also produces fewer artifacts (distortion you don’t want to hear) and louder volumes. 1

For true wireless earbuds, it doesn’t get much better than graphene. xFyro uses graphene in most of its earbuds but took it up a notch this time by increasing the driver size by 40%. That means even louder volumes and a better audio range.

100-Hour Battery Life

Besides the AI, the most impressive aspect of the xFyro ANC Pro is the gargantuan battery life. At 10 hours per charge and 90 hours of additional power in the carrying case, these are the longest-lasting earbuds on the market. 

This further increases the appeal of xFyro ANC Pro as the headphones that you never have to take out. With a battery that doesn’t quit, you’ll be able to keep them in for 8 hours a day and only need to plug in the charger once every couple of weeks. 

High battery capacity is ideal for traveling, cross-country running, marathon study sessions, and more. 

Durable and Waterproof

xFyro made waves (pun intended) with its first crowdfunding project, ARIA, which was funded over $2M. At the time, they were the most waterproof earbuds ever. 

xFyro continues that legacy in the xFyro ANC Pro. While these earbuds aren’t quite as impermeable as the ARIA, they still rack up an IPX5 rating, which is plenty for any type of weather you might get stuck in. 

The buttonless design is free of seams and cracks, so you won’t have to worry about damage from debris, dirt, or sand either. Go ahead and take them on the trail or to the beach. The xFyro ANC Pro can go pretty much anywhere. 

Ergonomic All-Day Fit

If you want to make all-day earbuds, you’d better make them comfy. xFyro put in the time and money by hiring ergonomic engineers and studying inner-ear models. They tested hundreds of earbud prototypes before landing on the xFyro ANC Pro design, which might be the most comfortable earbuds we’ve tried. 

Regular inner-ear buds lodge deep inside the ear. While this provides a tight fit, it can get painful and itchy over time. The xFyro slide into the ear canal without any jamming or pushing. They fit so well that you can barely feel them. 

For active users, the earbuds still provide a snug and airtight fit. They just fit better, because they match the curves and shapes in your ear. The xFyro ANC Pro ship with 3 sets of ergonomic ear tips so you can find the right fit for your ear. 

Instant Pairing and Superior Wireless Range

Powered by Bluetooth 5.0, you can expect the very best wireless signal from xFyro ANC Pro. 

Bluetooth 5.0 is the most advanced wireless tech available to consumers. It delivers a flawless signal at up to 33 feet. You can leave your phone in your locker at the gym or in your office at work and enjoy your music and take calls while going about your day. 

You’ll also get instant pairing to your preferred device whenever you put the earbuds in. And, you’ll notice much faster connectivity when accessing your digital assistant (Google, Siri, etc.) or surfing the web via voice commands. 

Get xFyro ANC Pro for Early-Bird Pricing (Limited Time)

xFyro ANC Pro are getting ready to drop in 2021. When they do, you’ll be able to get them at a pretty affordable price, considering the tech inside. But they’ll cost you about the same as AirPods Pro or Bose earbuds. 

But if you order now, you can grab a pair for 50% off. xFyro is having an early-bird sale to give its loyal fans access to similar pricing they’d get on a crowdfunding site. They’re doing this because xFyro got its start and built its base on crowdfunding, but the ANC Pro aren’t launching on a crowdfunding platform. Lucky for us, this unadvertised sale is open to anyone who knows it’s happening.

This sale will only last for about as long as a crowdfunding campaign, so don’t miss the opportunity to get 2021’s hottest AI-powered headphones before they drop! 

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