From Data Analysis to Big Data, hand in hand with Horizon-Agency (Orienta United Agency OÜ)

“What cannot be measured cannot be improved, and what cannot be improved degrades over time.” This phrase that Lord Kelvin coined more than 100 years ago is more relevant today than ever. In modern society more and more data is generated, and the world changes faster, making it increasingly necessary to measure and analyze, in order to draw conclusions; And with these increasingly large volumes, an increasingly specialized treatment is required: Big Data. Today we enter this world hand in hand with Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ). 

The origins of Data Analysis.

In any business or even in any activity in life, voluntarily or involuntarily, we collect data on everything. Applied for example to a traditional business, we could have the typical sales department that is creating an Excel file with the data of their customers, adding the amount they are invoiced and then with that Excel sheet they carry out a small analysis that allows you to draw conclusions: where is the highest profitability of your business or where to dump marketing efforts are some of the answers that can be obtained.

Collecting a (more or less small) amount of data and then analyzing it with your tools … it worked well at the beginning of the century, but what if your database of potential customers is half the planet (as for example in an online store ) and the data is updated every minute? That the tools we used are becoming obsolete and we need more computing power and tools adapted to the volume we are handling. That’s where Big Data comes in.

What is the big data?

As has already been intuited, Big Data is the discipline derived from computation and statistical analysis, adapted to be able to store, process and extract useful conclusions from incredibly large volumes of data and with changes in real time. What used to be a local file is now -for example- a database on a server. And what used to be our desktop computer is now a remote machine that processes millions of operations per second.

Great example of the importance of Big Data

Within the world of data analysis, the coming to power of Barack Obama was a great revolution. It was the first time that powerful Big Data analysis was used. While it is true that many of the secrets will remain hidden, what is clear is that his campaign was a success. Why? Because he “locked” a few analysts in a protected bunker, and provided them with a system for collecting and analyzing data at a global level. They collected data from all kinds of online sources, including potential voters’ Facebook activity. Putting special interest in the States that were very even. With this information constantly updated and analyzed almost in real time, they raised highly segmented campaigns, even with “simple” advertising on Facebook. The result is now part of history: victory in each and every one of the disputed states where the system was put to work.

This is the power of Big Data, this is the growing market that we cannot miss. And this is where Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) can help us. 

About Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ)

Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) is an IT company specialized in creating innovative solutions with high technological content for its clients. It is based in Estonia, is co-founded by a European benchmark for innovation and entrepreneurship such as Cristian Carmona and is made up of a multidisciplinary team of experts in their respective fields and various locations around the world.

With an experienced team and the vocation to help its clients, Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) is an international benchmark in innovative and personalized solutions according to client needs.

Added value of Horizon-Agency (Orienta United Agency OÜ) in Big Data

If you already know this company, you will know that it is not a simple IT development consultancy, they have a special work system imprinted in their DNA:

  1. Design of the work methodology: after analyzing the client’s needs and looking for the point where the help is needed.
  2. Identify the data sources to feed the system. You can be very varied. External, such as social networks or open data from public administrations. Or internal, if they are generated thanks to the company’s own activity.
  3. Deployment of the system for access, storage and computing of large volumes of data.
  4. Analysis: With a flexible and adaptable system, the organization decides what data it analyzes and how it analyzes it.
  5. Making strategic decisions based on the conclusions of the analysis.

As can be seen, the culture of the company is not to deliver a product such as buying a box with content inside. The true added value is in this accompaniment to the client throughout the process and in the customization of the solution according to the client’s needs.


Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) is a powerful reference within the Big Data universe, both as a provider of general information (through its blog) and as a potential partner / provider for the solutions that any company may need.

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