Get the Facts about Bitcoins

Everyone is talking about bitcoins, yet many people still have questions about how the system works. Much like currency or credit, bitcoins can purchase goods and services from sellers that accept it. Get the facts about bitcoins and learn why this is the flexible payment method of today and the future.

What is Bitcoin?

The creators of bitcoin, a form of digital currency created in 2009, remain a mystery. Bitcoin follows the concepts presented in a whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto, a mysterious entity using a pseudonym. Unlike regular currency, bitcoin is operated by a decentralized authority rather than a government. Using bitcoin is a way to reduce transaction fees associated with traditional online payment methods. Bitcoin is available from and can be quickly obtained by using a credit card or PayPal.

Do You Get Coins?

When you purchase bitcoins, there are no physical coins to hold or store. Balances are maintained on a public ledger that everyone can access, along with all bitcoin transactions. The process is harnessed and verified by computing power. No government or bank issues bitcoins, and they are not a commodity. While bitcoins are not legal tender, they have become a popular way to pay online, leading to additional virtual currencies.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

Known as a blockchain, bitcoin consists of a collection of computers, or nodes, that run its code. A blockchain is a collection of blocks, and in each block are transactions. Computers running the blockchain have the same list of transactions and blocks, which are transparent. As a result, nobody can cheat the system. Whether a bitcoin node is run or not, transactions happen live and can be seen by everyone. As a result, there is little chance of scamming the system.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is part of the evolution of cryptocurrency, a virtual or digital currency, secured by cryptography. Because of the level of security, it is almost impossible to double-spend or commit acts of counterfeiting. As online scammers get smarter, security is a significant issue for people doing business online. Rather than risking their financial information, many find peace of mind using bitcoin as their preferred payment method.

What Are Miners?

Peer-to-peer technology fuels bitcoin, enabling consumers to make instant payments. The companies and individuals that own the computer power governing the bitcoin consist of nodes and miners. Miners are the ones who process transactions on the blockchain, acting as a decentralized authority. Miners are rewarded with bitcoins and transaction fees. When bitcoins are released for circulation, it is called bitcoin mining.

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Why Is Everyone Investing in Bitcoins?

Bitcoin investors view digital currency as the future of payments. Bitcoin is often faster and incurs fewer fees for transactions around the world. Plus, bitcoin can be exchanged for traditional currencies, making it interesting to investors who understand currency plays. Digital currency has become an alternative for fiat money and commodities. In 2014, the IRS determined bitcoins would be taxed as property instead of currency. As a result, bitcoin can be held as capital or inventory. When bitcoins pay for services or goods, these transactions are taxable.

Bitcoin and Anonymity

People appreciate remaining anonymous online to protect their personal information. Cyber infiltration is growing concern with consumers and businesses looking for ways to achieve optimum security in transactions. Bitcoins can be used to purchase goods and services anonymously. When purchasing goods you want to keep private or you need to maintain anonymity online, bitcoins give people to power to guard their privacy while making purchases.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Small businesses benefit from accepting bitcoin because they attract more buyers. Consumers want the flexibility to pay by their preferred method, especially if they are dealing with a new or small company. Building trust means allowing people to become familiar with the company through secured interactions, such as using bitcoins to make a purchase. Plus, small businesses benefit because there are no credit card fees.

The Value of Bitcoin

The value of bitcoin is determined by various factors. Because of its increased popularity, savvy investors speculate bitcoins will increase in value. As a result, people are purchasing bitcoins to diversity their investment portfolios. Much like anything else new to the market, there is risk and potential profit. People who get in on the ground level hope to achieve great gains as bitcoin becomes a popular way to make payments worldwide.

Buying Bitcoin

Buying bitcoin is easy because it can be purchased using traditional payment methods or PayPal. Consider the reasons for buying bitcoin and how you want to use it. Making global purchases is one of the leading reasons for purchasing bitcoins. If you invest in bitcoin, keep track of your return on investment. Many people discovered it is a viable investment option. Plus, bitcoin exchange is a way to further diversify your investment portfolio.

Doing Business Online

Just a decade ago, people visited stores with cash in their pockets. Many purchases today are made online using credit cards and PayPal. Hackers and scammers continue to learn new ways to infiltrate networks and steal credit card information and other private data. Bitcoin is a way to protect yourself while doing business online. Working remotely is another reason people are making purchases online. With everything we do going through the internet, bitcoins offer peace of mind when dealing with new companies and situations.

Do It Today

If you haven’t tried using bitcoin, now it the time to do it. As bitcoin becomes a mainstream form of payment, more companies will accept it. Making secured purchases with bitcoin allows you to remain anonymous while using a secure payment method. Find out how many businesses around the globe are accepting bitcoins as consumers discover how easy, fast, and secure it is to use for all types of transactions.

Bitcoins are unlike any currency used in the past. The level of security, coupled with the fact there are no physical coins, makes it hard to imagine how it works. Once you try using bitcoin, you will see how fast and affordable it can be to make online payments with total peace of mind and privacy.

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