How to Add Arcane Bot on Discord – Arcane Bot Custom Commands

Discord is becoming increasingly famous as each day passes and one shouldn’t be surprised why that is so. Talking of the trend in 2020, Discord was listed among those apps that have been the most used ones from the Play Store. Even though the primary purpose of Discord is chatting, it is also becoming more and more famous among developers and gamers as well. These are only couple of them.

What is the reason behind such popularity of Discord? Many have suggested that it’s due to the fact that it has a text channel collection. Its robust features allow the players to interact with each other in the same way they would in case of group chat. This particular feature has made Discord all the more popular. Apart from their desktops, users are also availing the services of Discord on other devices like smartphones.

The server owners and gamers use many bots on Discord, a popular one is Arcane bot. Arcane Bot is a bot in Discord that you can add to your server. Arcane Bot has multiple uses and is very useful for the purposes of leveling. Arcane Bot is akin to other bots such as YAGPDB and MEE6. Almost 70 million users and 700,000 servers use Arcane Bot in some way or the other as of today.

Apart from the aforementioned leveling, Arcane Bot also provides moderation. Leveling can be defined as the feature that enables players to be ranked based on their allotted points on their server. This opens up higher levels for users in addition to access to the moderator along with the staff rank. This feature of Arcane Bot is remarkable given that it maintains the continuance of the community work. Additionally, it also increases the levels in the games as it continues.

The second feature of Arcane Bot, in addition to leveling, is moderation. This particular feature of Arcane Bot ensures that the community remains healthy and a positive environment is maintained throughout. Arcane Bot offers the server owners the opportunity of creating rules with the help of a feature called auto moderation. The rules that you create can then be implemented later on. They will help in ensuring that all members of the server are not violating the decency and decorum of the server.

Features of Arcane Bot

The features of Arcane Bot can be discussed elaborately as follows.

  1. Leveling: Arcane Bot provides more than one free and unlimited role rewards and leaderboard. The user not only gets to alter as well as configure the custom link, but also do the same regarding roles and features.
  2. Voice Leveling: Another of Arcane Bot’s unique featur is that of voice leveling. With the help of this feature of Arcane Bot the user is capable of calculating their voice activity.
  3. Reaction Role: Even though this feature is available on other bots as well, it’s still an integral feature of Arcane Bot. This feature of Arcane Bot enables users to allot reaction roles for themselves with the help of emojis by means of interaction. This particular feature of Arcane Bot provides the user access to other channels as well as permissions that can be found on Discord.
  4. YouTube Notification: Arcane Bot is also helpful when you try to set up a particular notification. These notifications that you set up can also be directed to your YouTube from your Discord server directly.
  5. Log Record: Another function of the Arcane Bot is performing the logging operation. This particular function refers to Arcane Bot keeping a record of users that includes those who are part of the server along with those who are no longer so. In order to keep a check on everything that is taking place in the Discord server, Arcane Bot keeps logging the messages.
  6. Custom Command: With the help of this particular feature provided by Arcane Bot, the user is able to create custom commands on their own. These commands are made with the help of Arcane Bot and add roles along with offering information to the user concerned to name a couple of things. 
  7. Moderation: Arcane bot consists of the moderation feature as discussed previously that ensures the existence of a healthy environment in the community. The auto moderation offered by the Arcane Bot also helps the user in setting certain ground rules. With the help of these rules, other users are kept in moderation in the Discord server.

How to add Arcane Bot to Discord server

You can add the Arcane bot to your Discord server without having to exert much effort. Just follow the few simple steps listed below and you’ll be good to go.

Step 1: Adding the Arcane Bot to your server on Discord requires that you invite it on your server first. This invitation process is rather easy and is possible from the official website of Discord.

Step 2: After you’re done with the invitation bit, you need to choose a server wherein you will add the Arcane Bot on Discord server. You must sign in to your Discord server first before you proceed with the remaining steps involved with adding the Arcane Bot to the server. 

Step 3: Once you’re done selecting the Discord server to which the Arcane Bot will be added, you will have to authorize it. In other words, you must enable it with all the permissions that it requires for performing its tasks.

However, this doesn’t that you do so blindly. You must go through the entire list carefully before providing any access. The list will have options such as providing your server with admin level access.

With that step, the Arcane Bot has now been made a part of your Discord server successfully. You can confirm it by looking for the logo of the Arcane Bot. You will find it on the right sidebar probably. Arcane will also send you a message stating that the bot is now a part of your server and will remain so.

Another thing that is advised is that a user should join an Arcane Bot support group. In case there’s some difficulty that you face due to the Arcane Bot, the support group will be able to help you out. Being a part of this community isn’t difficult. Just go to the official site and look for the link that will take you to the support group directly.

Arcane Bot commands

Much like all Discord bots that have a prefix which you can add to the command in question, the same goes for Arcane Bot. Every prefix is different from the other and is important for your Discord server.

The Arcane Bot prefix is ‘a’ that you have to add in front of a command before executing it. Here’s a list of commands in the Arcane Bot that you can use.

  • Avatar: viewing the user’s avatar.
  • Ban: temporarily or permanently banning someone from the Discord server.
  • Boosters: for viewing every XP booster there is on your server.
  • Color: for setting the color of the level command as well as configuring the settings on your dashboard.
  • Dashboard: server management purposes.
  • Embed: creating an embed for reaction roles as well as other uses.
  • Help: supporting the server and voting links.
  • History: viewing a member’s moderation history.
  • Invite: getting an invite link for another server of Arcane.
  • Kick: kicking a member out of the server.
  • Leaderboard: getting a link that will level the leaderboard to your servers.
  • Level: checking the rank, level, and XP of yourself and your peers.
  • List: arranging the reaction roles of your server as a list.
  • Lock: getting a channel in your server locked.
  • Mute: temporarily or permanently muting a member in the server.
  • Premium: to receive perks that help you access premium content.
  • Purge: clearing all messages that aren’t required but are present in your channel on your server.
  • Reaction role: initiating the setup process that will create a reaction role.
  • Reason: updating a reason for moderation purposes on a log case.
  • Remove: removing a particular reaction role that you don’t want to be a part of your server
  • Rewards: viewing every level reward that has been configured for your server.
  • Roleinfo: for receiving information on a role in your server
  • Server info: for providing a count of the members and boosting channel information.
  • Set level: setting the user to a specific level manually.
  • Slow mode: editing the channel for a slow-mode value.
  • Stats: for viewing stats such as discord server and commands.
  • Support: for supporting the server.
  • Type: changing the type of reaction role after creating it.
  • UID: banning all kinds of raiders with the help of their IDs.
  • Unban: revoking a ban imposed on a member.
  • Unlock: unlocking a particular channel that is in your server.
  • Unmute: unmuting a member on your server.
  • User Info: for providing roles and other rudimentary information on a particular user.
  • Vote: to receive a boost of 10% experience for 12 hours.
  • Warn: warning a particular member on your server.

These are the Arcane bot commands that are most common for getting the most out of the bot. However, just like any other Discord bot,  you don’t really need to remember all the commands by heart. You will find all the commands through the documentation of Arcane bot or using the Help command.

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