How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files From Your Windows PC

As PC storage continues to decrease over time, regular clean-ups become a necessity not only for saving space but also for ensuring your PC runs at optimal speed, and does not lag. One of the major reasons regular cleanups are crucial include cleaning all the unneeded files, like most of the times, PCs create duplicate files which take up space.

When you’re creating backups, duplicate files create an issue, as backups take longer to finish. Not only that your process of restoring a backup would also slow down. So, let’s get to the real business here. How must one find, and remove duplicate files from Windows PC? Sure, you can try the manual way to find duplicate files but there are several free duplicate file finder tools available that can help you in this task. Here are 10 applications to find and remove duplicate files from Windows PC: 

Copernic Desktop Search

Copernic Desktop Search is a perfect application to help you search files, through numerous internal or external drives, simultaneously. You don’t have to wait for long to get results, for the software completes your search in no time. It has a unique preview function, that allows you to see the found file before you take any action on it. Using the custom feature, you can pick out specific files and then you can use the controls to remove duplicate files from your Windows PC. 

Duplicate Cleaner

This comes with a simple interface, that makes finding duplicate files on your PC a real delight. One can also customize their search, to get desired results. You can look in particular folders, and drives, and also search inside Zip Archives with this cleaner. Duplicate Cleaner has a specific Selection Assistant, which helps you find the duplicate files, and remove them effectively. They can also scan popular music formats by artists and titles. 


This is often recognized as one of the top applications that effectively finds duplicate files from your Windows PC, and also removes them. The reason it is popular and prominent is because, it has a built-in duplicate file scanner that is always doing the job behind the scenes exceptionally well. You can also search for files, and remove them. Its Tools Tab has the Duplicate Finder easily within view. The one downside to CCleaner is it has a number of other features, which you would never use and it only occupies additional space. 


Often recognized as the industry standard for removing duplicate files for your Windows PC, dupeGuru offers three versions: a picture edition, a music edition and a standard edition. The Standard Edition lets you search through all your files, by filename or content. Its fuzzy algorithm helps you to find duplicate files, even if the name has been changed, by other relatable material. The music edition, as the name suggests, helps you find music files even if they have been saved with a different encoder. The picture edition allows you to find duplicate images. 

Duplicate File Finder

Another renowned lightweight tool, Duplicate Files Finder has been around for a number of years. It has one version that is compatible with older and pre NT versions of Windows. It is simple, does its job really well and the fact that Duplicate Files Finder can also be on legacy Windows versions, makes it the only duplicate file remover app you will ever need. 

Wise Duplicate Finder

This finder allows you to find duplicate files, and delete them from your Windows PC. To search your data, it usually compares file size, file name, and content. This file is also great for finding out empty folders, besides searching for documents, songs and movies. Redundant copies or duplicate files can be deleted manually, or automatically. If there are files that you have deleted by mistake, and you would like the chance to recover them, Wise Duplicate Finder allows you to do the same. It supports multiple languages, and offers online 24×7 help. 

Disk Drill

This duplicate file remover program can search your internal and external files, to delete useless or duplicate files, pictures, and songs. One of the best features that sets it apart from the rest is its drag and drop option. It automatically searches for duplicate files, and takes very short time to find replicas of data. 

Easy Duplicate Finder

Speed up your PC by using Easy Duplicate Finder, for it helps you remove duplicate files from your SDD, HDD and cloud storage. It comes with a simple drag and drop interface, to scan and find the duplicate files, existent. This application is convenient and hassle-free, and automatically finds duplicate files. It comes with more than 10 search modes, and scan modes, for you to easily detect and find duplicate files, hidden in the deep crevices of your internal and external drives. It allows advance management of files. Previewing files before removing them is possible with Easy Duplicate Finder. It works in close tandem, and is compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

This is another effective duplicate file remover application that gives you full control of choosing which version of the document that should be kept and retained. Using this, one can remove duplicate documents, photos, videos, and music files. Auslogics comes with regular updates so that you’re always braced with the latest technologies. It utilizes an intelligent algorithm, by finding, comparing, and removing duplicate files and documents. It helps you manage low disk space problems and lets you improve the performance and speed of your Windows PC. It is compatible with most versions of Windows. 

Duplicate Sweeper

As the name suggests, it is a duplicate file finder, for Windows PC, also compatible with iOS devices. It allows one to find and remove redundant and useless files, without going through much hassle. With this, you can remove files automatically as well as manually. It deletes files and documents on the basis of modified date or created date. You also have the option to restore files, in case you have made a mistake, or you have changed your mind, as they are stored in the recycle bin of your Windows PC.

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