How to Make Working From Home More Efficient and Fun

The second wave of corona just kicked in. Organisations are again advised to work from home as much as they can. It’s a pity for those people that were excited to go to the office and work together with their colleagues. However, if we don’t act now, the chance is even bigger that we have to work from home for a longer period of time. 

To stay positive and productive, you can try to make your work-from-home job more enjoyable and efficient. You of course need a few basics like a good office chair, a daily work-routine and a professional computer and accessories – you can also rent a MacBook (translate: macbook huren) or hire an iPad (translate: ipads huren) if necessary. But what else can you do? In this article we tell you about some applications that can make your job easier and more fun!

Stay in touch with your colleagues

One of the things that is very important during corona is to stay in touch with your colleagues, on a business level and on a personal level. Luckily there are many video conferencing tools like ZOOM, Hangout and Business Skype where you can do meetings. But for questions, help, support or just a friendly chat, you can use applications like Slack. With Slack you can start a private conversation with your colleague or you can create a chatroom for your team or the whole office. 

Don’t forget to exercise

It’s hard to stay active if you work from home. It’s very tempting to sleep a little longer now you don’t need to travel to the office. And with the fridge at your fingertips, it’s easy to snack all day. Therefore, it’s very important to stay active during the day. For example, you can start the day off with a 30 minute stretch or yoga session. You can do a little walk during lunch break or in the afternoon to clear your head. Or you can do a small workout in between your business meetings. For small workouts that fit in perfectly with your workday, you can use apps like the Office Workout App and 7-Minute-Workout App!

Boost your productivity

Are you more productive at the office? You’re not the only one. If you work from home it’s easy to get distracted. Think of the kids running around, your partner working next to you, walking the dog, doing laundry and grocery shopping… Luckily there are applications that can help you structure your workday. In applications like Things, Google Tasks, Monday and Notes for example, you can make handy to-do-lists. To avoid any distractions caused by your phone, you can use applications that can temporarily switch off your social media applications. 

Hopefully these tips will help you to make your job more enjoyable and efficient. Hang in there!

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