How to Save Money Using the Internet

The internet is great for a variety of reasons. From entertainment to education, the World Wide Web allows you to unlock a world of wonders. Perhaps the greatest contribution the internet has made to those with a thrifty nature is its ability to provide cost-saving ideas, cashback offers and more. Today, it doesn’t matter what you want to buy, there’s almost certainly a way to save money if you use the internet.

Vouchers, Discount Codes and Online Exclusives

One of the most apparent ways to save money using the internet is discount codes. The majority of online retailers allow customers to enter a promo code on their payment pages. These codes can be for specific products, individual offers or deals disseminated through third-party affiliates. However someone comes across a virtual voucher, it’s good for a certain amount of money off. 

In fact, such is the popularity of online exclusives that companies have made them an integral part of their business models. Take, for example, food delivery service Uber Eats. Regular customers will often receive personal discounts based on their level of activity and preferences. This encourages loyalty, which is great for Uber Eats. In turn, it allows you to get money off. So, by that token, the lesson here is that loyalty can often help you save more on the internet.

Compare, Contrast and Save

The other obvious innovation the internet has thrown up is comparison sites. These sites first gained notoriety in the holiday and insurance industries. Today, there are comparison sites for almost anything. The basic premise is simple: you input some basic search criteria and the system provides a list of options. These options often come with star ratings and reviews. That means consumers can educate themselves which, in the quest to save money, is a useful skill to have. 

compare choices

This ability to learn actually goes in step with the evolution of comparison sites. Take, for example, mortgage broker Trussle and its stamp duty calculator comparison page. Instead of providing a list of mortgage options and nothing else, the calculator offers an insight into what’s possible for consumers. They can see how much stamp duty they can save under certain conditions (such as the UK’s stamp duty holiday). That allows them to become savvy consumers and, in turn, better positioned to get the best deal. 

Free Content is Everywhere

Perhaps the internet’s greatest contribution the world is free content. Thanks to the power of collective thought and contribution, people have united to create a digital world where, if you want it, information is free. YouTube may be a place where funny cat videos go viral, but it’s also a well of valuable information. Take, for example, videos from Lex Fridman and Sean Carroll. These are two of the best minds in artificial intelligence and physics, and they’re giving away their knowledge for free. 

If you’re a fitness fanatic, you don’t have to spend money on a gym membership. Just find reputable trainers such as Mark Bell or Joe Wicks and you can get all the information you need for a home workout. If it’s cooking you’re interested in, stop buying cookbooks and check out Food52 or ChefSteps. Basically, whatever you’re interested in, there will be something on YouTube. 

Then, when you consider the internet as a whole, there’s even more info. That means you can save money by not paying for educational courses, personal trainers and more. When you combine this for with a keen eye for discount vouchers and comparison sites, it’s easy to see why the internet is a haven for the thrifty.

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