How to Save Money When Eating Out At Restaurants

Eating out is a delicacy we all like, often or seldom, depending upon the person we’re. Eating out once a week is great, in terms of the breaks it provides, and you can spend some quality time with your loved ones, in a different ambiance. Not only do you get a break from cooking, but also you get a break from the monotony and mundane of your home, and dining space. Enjoying a good ambiance, good food and good company might all sound like major clichés, but these are undoubtedly the simple pleasures that make life and living worth. However, eating out can become exorbitant, and be a burden on your monthly fiscal spending, if you don’t keep it under check. If you’re someone clever and prudent like us, though, you can find a way to save money when eating out.

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It’s clearly a win-win situation for everyone, because not only do you enjoy your favorite foods outside, but also you save money while doing it. Here are the top five tips to save money when eating out: 

1. Fall back upon online deal coupons

You often go past online deals and coupons, because you think every time, how much can you even save. Well, if you actually used all those coupons, you’d see that you end up saving a considerable amount annually. There are online sites that provide discounts and special deals to your favourite restaurant, and with them, great opportunities to save money when eating out. Avail the benefits, because it’d be just foolish of you not to! If you’re not looking, you’re the one losing out. Their Facebook pages and other social media handles often announce 10 to 30 percent off on deals when you use their referral codes. 

2. Consider joining a restaurant loyalty club

If you have a favorite restaurant that you end up going every other week, it might be a really good call to join their loyalty program. When eating out, this will actually help you to save money, as restaurant loyal club members get special deals, free meals, and surprising discounts that other restaurant-goers usually do not get. Also, on festive occasions, there are special services for you, and if your favourite restaurant is the next buzz in town, getting a restaurant loyalty club membership also ensures you get a seat, earlier than others, and no matter how big the waiting queue is! 

3. Drink water

You spend a lot of money on beverages when you’re eating out. If you’re looking for ways to save money when you’re eating out, we suggest drinking water as your beverage. All restaurants charge an exorbitant price for beverages, even a glass of soda costs around $2 or more! The solution is to stick to water, and skip all other options for beverages, to save money. This also inculcates a healthy habit in your life because most of the beverages are just loaded up on sugar and offer almost no nutritional benefit. 

Sometimes, other restaurants come with combo options, that have beverage options with steak or pastas. In most cases, it is a glass of wine. Opting for them is better if you don’t really want to go without a beverage. And, if you can make that sacrifice for the sake of your purse, drink water and it would help you digest better, too! 

drinking water save money eating out

4. Have a budget

As boring as it sounds, this is a great way to save money when eating out. It doesn’t have to be a buzzkill! Having a budget set out for your expenses and leisurely activities allows you to not overspend, and if you’ve already charted out how to spend your salary, you can set aside some money for your savings. Not extending your budget for the meals you can afford while eating out actually is a great help. You’ll never incur the problem of overspending, so you’ll always be on your guard. This is a great way to save money while having fun with your loved ones, and that too, on a budget

5. Make eating out special

The entire point of eating out, as an activity, should be to make it a special day, that’s different from your regular days. If you regularize eating out, not only do you end up spending way more, but also you get used to it, and you stop finding happiness, intent, and excitement in any of it. This is a typical case of happiness detox, where your body needs to have a break from things so that it can enjoy them at later intervals. Getting used to the monotony of things can dull experiences.

So, eat at home, throughout the week. That would be a healthy thing to do plus it’ll help you save money. Go out on the weekends, and enjoy those special dinners, as you’d be looking forward to the experience, the ambiance, the company, and the people. Save money by taking advantage of the special weekend packages available in restaurants around you. 

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