How to Set Up Karuta Bot on Discord – Karuta Bot Commands

If you happen to be an anime fan, then you have come to the right place. Karuta bot on your Discord server allows you to play anime card games. In simple words, Karuta bot is a collectible card game bot. Karuta allows you to collect, upgrade, trade, as well as earn anime characters. As of today, there are 78000+ anime characters in the Karuta bot collection that players have access to.

What sets Karuta bot apart from other anime bots is the cards and characters. You can earn them by means of the Karuta bot even if you’re using a server that is not yours. To put it simply, everything that you collect using the Karuta Discord bot will remain valid regardless of which server on Discord you use. You can continue your game if you had to stop it midway for whatever reason.

There is more to the Karuta than just the above. Karuta bot provides you with something called anime waifus. You can get them via Karuta through manual rolling as well as automatic spawning.

Users can employ whichever option they feel more comfortable with. Karuta Discord bot provides the user with another top-notch feature. This, of course, refers to the system of card upgrading and trading.

How to Add Karuta Bot to your server on Discord

Adding the Karuta bot to your server on Discord is a rather easy and simple process. The steps to follow for this process have been listed below:

Step 1: You have to open the official website of Karuta bot. There are two ways of doing so. Firstly, you can search for the Karuta bot on Google. Or secondly, you can just open up this Karuta bot link –

Step 2: Once you’ve opened the official website, you’ll discover a blue button on your screen that’ll read “Invite Karuta to your server”. Click on that button.

Step 3: Once you click on this blue button, it will redirect you back to Discord. Here you will need to login to your server on Discord. Once you’ve logged in (or if you’ve logged in already) you will have to choose a server wherein you wish to add the Karuta bot.

Step 4: Now that you have chosen the server that you prefer, click on the option that says Continue. From here you will have to provide access and authorization to Karuta bot on your server.

Before providing the permission though, read through it once. When you’re done reading it click on the Authorize button.

When you click on Authorize, Karuta bot will be added to your server on Discord successfully. As the procedure of adding Karuta bot to the Discord server is over, you are now ready to collect your own set of anime waifus.

How to use Karuta Bot on Discord

Karuta bot is like your usual game of trading cards. You need to open a deck before you can proceed to play. Every pack of these trading cards comprises of 3 or 4 cards. If you purchase a ‘blessing’ you will have 4 Karuta cards at your disposal. To get the first three cards you need to react on each of them separately. The entire premise of this game is based on this reaction.

Once you have played the game for a while, you get to create your personalized collection of cards.

  • You can choose the option to then have the option to build upon this collection so it appears nicer than before.
  • Trade the cards with other players so that you can get hold of a specific card that you may not possess initially.

Dropping the cards requires you to reset the permissions that you had set up initially.

  • Open the channel and then go to the exact spots where you want the drops to happen.
  • Following this, type the command – k!set.
  • This is where your channel will be set up as the place to drop the cards using the Karuta bot.

Once this is over,

  • Type the command – k!drop which will drop three cards.
  • React to the one that you prefer over others and it will be claimed by you.
  • Wait for around 30 minutes so that the other cards too can drop like the ones above.

Now you know everything about how to use the Karuta bot on a Discord server. Obviously, you would need to execute the Karuta bot commands for the same. We will go through the most useful Karuta bot commands in the next section.

List of Karuta bot commands

Every Discord bot has a prefix and Karuta bot is no different. Karuta bot’s prefix is k! and you need to add this before each command that you intend to use on your server. Let’s take a look at some of the most used commands of Karuta bot.

Setup Commands

  • Antisnipe: Setting a grace period prior to the Karuta bot inspection of checks grab reactions.
  • Chestset: Setting your server chest goal.
  • Dropmode: Toggling the drop mode between the use of buttons and reactions.
  • Mergemode: Toggling the merge mode on or off in the channel being used.
  • Permissions: Enabling as well as disabling commands on Karuta bot in the channel being used.
  • Prefix: Setting the custom command prefix for all commands on Karuta.
  • Queuemode: Toggling the queue mode on or off in the channel being used.
  • Scompensate: Redeeming compensation due to unintended downtime on your server.
  • Set: Setting the current for the cards to drop

 Basic Commands

  • Burn: Burning cards or dyes and then collecting its resources.
  • Daily: Claiming your reward after each day.
  • Drop: Dropping a card set in the current channel so that anyone can grab it.
  • Gems: Purchasing gems from the website of Karuta bot.
  • Monthly: Viewing your voting rewards every month.
  • Multiburn: Burning more than one card at once.
  • Upgrade: Upgrading your cards.
  • Visit: Visiting and interacting with card character that you’ve grabbed.
  • Vote: Voting is allowed twice a day for Karuta bot if you wish to get tickets to use in the Ticket Shop (k!ticketshop).

Collection Commands

  • Aliasremove: Removing the alias.
  • Bits: Viewing your bit inventory as well as that of another user.
  • Collection: Viewing a card collection that you can use along with another user.
  • Dye: Applying dye to a card in mint condition.
  • Dyerefill: Refilling the dye charges.
  • Dyeremove: Removing the dye.
  • Dyes: Viewing your dye collection and that of another user.
  • Frameremove: Removing the frame.
  • Inventory: Viewing your inventory as well as that of another user.
  • Iteminfo: Viewing details about an item in particular.
  • Morph: Spending 250 bits for morphing a card that changes appearances randomly.
  • Morphremove: Removing the morph.
  • Spreadsheet: Exporting the card set to a CSV spreadsheet format.
  • Tag: Tagging a card by specifying its codes.
  • Tagcreate: Creating a new tag.
  • Tagdelete: Removing a tag.
  • Tagemoji: Changing the emoji of a tags.
  • Tagrename: Renaming a tag.
  • Tags: Viewing your tag list as well as that of another user.
  • Trimremove: Removing the trim.
  • Untag: Untagging a card by specifying its codes.
  • Use: Using any item that’s in your inventory.
  • View: Viewing basic details of a card or dye.

Information Commands

  • Affectionlist: Looking up your affection list and that of another user.
  • Cardinfo: Viewing the information of a card in details.
  • Cooldowns: Viewing your grab and drop cooldowns and that of another user at present.
  • Leaderboard: Looking up a particular character’s affection leaderboard.
  • Lookup: Looking up the character details.
  • Nodeinfo: Viewing details of a particular node.
  • Reminders: Toggling reminders an action in particular.
  • Serverinfo: Viewing details of a server such as statistics and active effects.
  • Userinfo: Viewing your details and that of another user such as statistics and active effects.
  • Workerinfo: Viewing the card worker statistics.

Karuta bot is a very popular Discord bot among gamers. It can be used in multiple ways to make your time on Discord better. The anime lovers specially love Karuta Discord bot.  It goes well with the Dank memer bot or Poketwo.

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