How to Support your Staff and Boost Business Productivity

We live in uncertain times, and this can be a real catalyst for anxiety. In addition to changing our day to day lives and routines, the COVID-19 pandemic has also seen many of us become more isolated whilst staying at home and that’s not to mention the stresses that come with worrying about whether your job will hold out through the recession.

With World Mental Health Day coming up on the 10 October, now is a great time for employers and managers to take stock of how current events are affecting their staff. By now we all know that happy and healthy employees are more efficient, and so keeping tabs on your workforce’s mental health makes good business sense as well as being the right thing to do. 

If you want to support your employees through these difficult times, here are just some of the ways you can make their lives just that little bit easier.

Create a culture that values employees

Taking an interest in your employees and their development is crucial if you are to support their wellbeing. Businesses in which the managers lead from the front and by example have more enthused staff simply because they know that the company has their back. Nobody likes to feel that they’re simply being used for somebody else’s gain, and so by making sure that responsibility is taken at all levels, your employees will feel supported and not taken advantage of.

Employee recognition is also a major factor in fostering their respect and loyalty. By encouraging management figures and other employees to recognise the efforts of their colleagues, you can drive motivation and help individuals to feel valued and satisfied in their roles. This could take the form of a formal recognition scheme, or even just a handwritten note every now and then. Far too often, business leaders focus on what goes wrong – but let your staff know when they’re doing well. They really will appreciate it.

Invest in your workplace environment

Your workplace environment is a huge factor in the wellbeing of employees. From letting natural light into the area through to making sure that the place is running at a comfortable temperature, finding the right balance is key to boosting energy levels and keeping your staff working in optimum conditions. 

The trouble is, all too often these are changes that are taken out of the hands of business owners who can only work with the space they have. Fortunately, if that sounds like a familiar problem, there are still things you can do. For one thing, you should always make certain that your staff are properly equipped to do their jobs. From up-to-date computers and printers for offices, through to UTP Group’s fast and reliable countertop card machines and mobile card readers for retail and hospitality staff, equipping your employees for success can make all the difference. 

At the end of the day, all business owners want their employees to work to the highest possible standards. Frustration levels simply drop off when you have all the tools necessary to do what’s asked of you, and so investing in your workplace environment can be of benefit to everyone. 

… and encourage healthy working from home habits

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many employees working from home and away from their usual workplace environments. Whilst this might seem like a positive step and the start of the working from home revolution, it’s also the case that too few people know about good home-office practices.

The thing is, working from home can actually boost our productivity levels. Workers using their own space not only save time commuting but also are known to take fewer breaks and achieve more in their workday. This is, of course, a double-edged sword. Home working can lead to employees getting distracted if they don’t go about it in the proper way. To supercharge success, try to engage with your employees and encourage healthy working from home habits, including: 

  • Having a dedicated workspace that’s outside of the bedroom, and away from distractions.
  • Keeping to a schedule, and setting working hours to keep you on target.
  • Staying away from social media, as this can lead you down the rabbit hole to time-wasting.
  • Planning for breaks to keep you energised and productive.

By taking these simple steps, employees can boost their productivity levels and that’s good news for stakeholders at all levels.

Set clear goals, and values

One of the secrets behind successful businesses is the communication of a clear purpose. Some firms have identifiable goals and values that are understood by employees who then work towards them, whilst others ignore this and simply treat their staff as a commodity.

By sharing a vision with your employees, you can give them a sense of why they are doing what they are, and help them to understand how their contribution fits into the company’s bigger picture. This is incredibly important as it can help staff to not only feel valued, but also to develop feelings of loyalty to a cause rather than just to a brand name. 

The bottom line is that staff that feel valued are more likely to be productive. They’re part of your team, so let them know it. 

Adapt to survive

Businesses that invest time in understanding the pressures and concerns of their employees will create a healthier and more productive working environment. Only by knowing the difficulties faced by your employees can you hope to develop the strategies needed to help them cope, and to meet and exceed their potential. 

The key to doing this successfully is knowing how to review and adapt your approach depending on what works for the situation you face. By supporting your employees and investing in their wellbeing, you’ll be setting your business up for success for years to come.

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