How UX Design Is Changing The Modern Industry

In the early days, user experience was just a mere formality to do the best the developers could with the limited resources available. The idea was less computational power for efficient processing. But, ever since Apple kick-started the UX revolution with an accidental button-free mouse and then to smartphones and tablets, UX Design is changing the modern industry drastically. Let’s understand how the evolution of UX design is going to change the face of modern businesses.

How UX Design Is Changing The Modern Industry?

For any business user experience decides the kind of response it will get from the target audiences. In the era where the user has become extremely aware, the businesses aren’t oblivious to the fact that users will always go for whoever brings more value to the table. A self-aware user has created a very competitive and ruthless UX design revolution. The following are some of the ways in which UX design is changing the Modern Industry.

Digital Well Being & Ethics

Most of the users are getting a sense of awareness when it comes to the side effects of the products on the internet of any digital medium. The users are becoming aware of the dire consequences of digital platforms that can cause a serious problem to their well being.

One of the reasons why we can observe a lot of bigger players like Google, Instagram, tackle the problem with their digital well-being. These changes are quite significant and allow various features to monitor activities, setting priorities for important tasks, alerts in the form of notifications, etc.

A sense of embodiment in controlling our own well-being creates a good user experience on any digital platform. It gives rise to a necessity for always being one step ahead in the game for businesses around the globe.

This quest for excellence in order to stay ahead in the user experience department can mean a lot of unethical practices to keep the users engaged for a longer period of time. For example – How a single notification on a new post could give a quick dopamine release in the brain. But, recently a lot of people are held accountable for unethical practices in order to retain users on their platforms.

Even though it is quite unclear where we actually draw the line. The UX design with ethical/moral obligations is going to be a defining factor for modern businesses.

Conversion Rate

User experience is not just about the convenience of the user on a digital platform. Most businesses do not realize, how much effect a good User experience can have on a company’s conversion rate. Forrester Research study stated, that a good UI can increase a company’s conversion by 200%. But, a great UX design can increase the conversion rate to more than 400%.

The study also found out that the user is 14% more likely to pay if the User experience is top-notch. If you see any famous E-commerce platforms on the internet, you can easily identify a few things that add a lot of value to the user experience altogether. For example – a simple recommendation with each category can maximize the chances of selling the product.

User experience goes a long way when it comes to the conversion rate. A decent UX design for a digital platform can do wonders for them. This is why UX design is picking a lot of importance in the business market.


The very basic rule of any successful business is visibility. Before the internet, it was the print medium that gave visibility to businesses. And now, everything is just one Google search away.

Modern businesses dwell on SEO for their products. Rankings, search volumes, are some of the deciding factors where the businesses build their marketing campaigns and strategies. But what they often miss out on is the UX design aspect of automatically ranking on the searches across the internet. A few tricks in the book include a better page load response time, sitemaps, responsive pages, etc.

All these aspects are part of the user experience where a decent UX design would take care of these parameters. And, eventually, help in the SEO of their product landing pages or websites. Sometimes, a good UX design can save a lot of money for the company in the long run. Initially, many people miss out on these important parameters. And, they often find themselves rebranding and optimizing again later on after spending hefty amounts on the same strategies.

Since SEO is the backbone of any online business/company in the modern world. UX design is going to become a lot more decisive in terms of ranking web pages based on their level of UX design.

Design Sprint & User Research

User research has been a foundation stone for any user experience campaign. A lot of statistical analysis to understand user interactions on digital platforms has been a steady source of research for many companies.

Although, there is nothing wrong with this approach that involves user research for UX design. It was being called “overrated” after Jake Knapp published Sprint and gave the industry a guide to UX design.

Sprint is a book that has a five-day plan for solving problems and testing new ideas for the design. After its release, it gave rise to a lot of discussions. A lot of people considered user research as a waste of time. But a total disregard for user research is just not practical at this point.

Instead, there is a possibility of another user research approach that will follow the principle of lean product development. Quick decision making in user research will shape the UX design without nullifying the possibility of user research. Because user research can never be a waste of time. It helps in understanding the target audience among other significant findings.

Lean UX design will cut a lot of costs for user research in the modern business market.

Brand Loyalty

Any modern business will always try to bring an existing user back to the platform for any given services. The scenario where a user keeps coming back to the same brand is known as brand loyalty.

UX design can be a very significant part of any modern business to build brand loyalty among users. A very basic principle is followed, a user needs a simplified yet impressive experience that fulfills its purpose.

Modern-day businesses will rely upon UX design for user retention and to build brand loyalty among their users.

AI in UX Design

User experience is highly influenced by the involvement of artificial intelligence in user experience. The most common example is the Chatbots on websites and applications.

The involvement of AI in user experience is mainly the result of the evolution of chatbots. The predictive models powered with Natural language processing, sometimes voice-enabled engage the user more efficiently.

A utility from a chatbot can add value to the user’s requirements and help improve the user experience compared to the orthodox setting. This is one of the reasons why we can easily see a chatbot on each and every digital platform nowadays.

UX design will move hand in hand with artificial intelligence. As one advances the other will follow and create a different path altogether for modern businesses.

Simplified UX Design

Even though the user experience is witnessing a drastic makeover with respect to technological advances. Not every user experience has to be powered with powerful and accurate AI chatbots, or a result of lean UX design.

User experience is really just capitalizing on the user’s requirements in the best possible way in order to best benefit the business. So, a simple UX design that fulfills its purpose is as powerful as a top-notch AI-powered UX design in the market.

UX design is shaping up to be user-centric and eventually break the monopoly in the modern business market.

Say No to Privacy Breach

The 21st century has seen a rise in data breaches. And ever since, user information has become a new fuel for the economy the situation has become alarming. A lot of times, a user is seeking privacy protection in terms of saving their private information.

User experience plays an important role here. A decent UX design can be comforting and assuring about user’s privacy being protected with utmost transparency.

Modern businesses take this particular aspect very seriously. UX design will play an important role in ensuring a safeguard for the users.

Human Interaction in UX design

With the advancements in IoT services, the user experience will see a new phase where user interaction will be prioritized in the form of gesture controls.

AI technologies such as computer vision with gesture control could be incorporated in the coming years to create a better interactive user experience. UX designers will have to adapt to new technologies in order to incorporate the desired applications.

Since user experience is all about utility and efficiency. A mild touch of fascination will only lead to an improved user experience.


For any modern business, profitability is directly proportional to the user experience. In the current scenario, the cut-throat competition to provide an improved user experience not only means the coming age is going to be fascinating in terms of UX design. It is also a promising aspect for job seekers in UX design.

UX design may seem easy, but requires the expertise of quite a lot of concepts including web design, design thinking, design tools, etc. If you are looking to master UX design skills enroll in Springboard’s UI/UX design career track, it consists of 1:1 mentorship with personal career coaching and a job guarantee.

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