Immersive Digital Experiences and Their Impact on Audience Engagement – Restart 2021 Shows the Way

Due to the pandemic, most global events have gone virtual. The great advantage of virtual events is that you can host attendees and luminaries from around the globe on a single platform. Regardless of which corner of the world you are based in, you can attend virtual events whose physical counterparts you would never have been able to due to constraints like cost, distance, and limited registration. As the technology to support such virtual events has advanced over the past years, and especially so since the pandemic, so has their turnout, and their production quality.

Hubilo Leads the Way for Experiential Events

The last year has made clear these advantages of virtual events and ensured a firm future in the world of event management. Until now, virtual events have been hosted on a vast array of platforms. Each of these has its limitations, and hardly any one of them is capable of providing an immersive digital experience.

This gap is filled by Hubilo, a virtual event platform that helps you realize the immense power of digital experiences. Hubilo brings you as close as a digital platform can to the physical experience of being at a convention center, and in many cases, can even outdo such an experience.

Restart 2021

Hubilo’s Restart 2021 is a landmark virtual event bound to lead the way in demonstrating the power of immersive digital experiences. Restart 2021 is a must-attend for any marketing professional looking for an insight into how virtual events may be conducted and to gain access to wisdom from leading marketing professionals from various industries. Scheduled for 23 and 24 March 2021, Restart 2021 will contain two days of intelligent content and rich insights into the world of marketing and what the future holds for it.

Restart 2021 will be attended by more than 4000 marketing professionals, 400 professionals from the events industry, and 40 chief marketing officers.



Backed by Giants

Sponsored by industry leaders such as Canva, Endless Events, Hubspot, SAP, and Instagram, Restart 2021 promises to bring the best of the events industry together for discussions on the future of events, the ability of virtual events to reach the remotest corners of the globe, and the power of immersive digital experiences. Marketing luminaries like Guy Kawasaki, Scott Brinker, and Nicola Kaster will grace the event and provide insights into their perception of the future of events and marketing.


Restart 2021 is bound to be a treat for anyone interested in reaching the greatest number of people at the lowest possible cost. The event is bound to provide you with a first-hand experience of the capabilities of digital experience platforms like Hubilo. The future of events lies in digital experiences that attendees can enjoy while being enlightened and inspired by. If you believe you will have a part to play in the future of events and marketing, Restart 2021 is the place to be!

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