Intel vs AMD Ryzen: who wins the CPU war?

It is in the processors that distinctions start. A small device, but with several different characteristics. To better present these differences, we start by presenting two prestigious companies with an incredible market and technological evolution. They are well known brands in the digital universe for producing the processors of our computers and other important hardware.

Most of the market belongs to Intel, however, AMD keeps pace and has presented us with components with incredible quality and have more competitive prices than its competitor

Price / Quality

It is a very complex topic and could be discussed for days without finding a concise answer. Most buyers are always looking for the best price-quality benefit, but for that we need to know what our real need will be.

For entry-level models, Intel manages to offer good options at a low cost, of course for very basic and very limited uses. AMD presents us with more expensive solutions and comparable performance. For example, the Intel Pentium G4560 model can be bought at around 60 € and the AMD Athlon 240GE model at 74.90 €.

In the middle range price, the story is different, there is a greater AMD dominance. AMD, with the new Ryzen 5, managed to compete in a market where Intel was leading with the i5. The price of the Intel Core i5-8600K is around 269.90 € and the AMD Ryzen 5 1600X can be bought for only 155 €.

When we enter the top range, the Ryzen 7 has a huge processing capacity and overall higer number of cores. It manages to offer exceptional performance that could only be matched to an i7, which has a higher cost.

Prices for the Intel Core i7-8700K model start at € 425 and AMD Ryzen 7 2700X models start at € 329.


Regarding the gaming world, there are more differences and components that can make or break. It is necessary to emphasize that the last generations of consoles, almost all are equipped with a CPU / GPU from AMD, both Microsoft and Sony.

Intel achieves excellent results while satisfying the needs of the players, even in games designed to work in multiple cores, achieving an impressive management of their core’s on PC.

In gaming, most of the benchmarks are led by Intel, of course there are titles like the Hitman and Doom series, which are developed for an AMD environment. It does not mean that we will have a worse game performance when using an Intel processor, the game processing management is however optimized for an AMD architecture.

Have in mind that a processor is not everything and adding a good graphics card can present to a long-lasting machine with a lot of processing capacity. 

Recently an agreement was made between the two companies: AMD will supply graphics processors to integrate Intel chipsets. So, we get thinner notebooks, more power and performance with less energy consumption.

Compatibility and Purchase Option

As it has been said before, Intel leads the current market and for that same reason we found more models of Motherboards compatible with the various existing sockets.

Even CPU coolers are simpler to assemble and are more compatible with Intel. Let’s also state that with the superiority that Intel has, they have enough capacity to create a greater impact on advertising and marketing, thus creating trends and overall, impacting positively the consumers choice and trust.

When choosing the motherboard, the user must pay attention to the socket. The processor might not be compatible, and the attempt of assembly can be expensive. The connecting pins are extremely sensitive and fragile. 

For that reason, always pick the motherboard first as a solid pick, like if you were betting on the NFL future odds draft. Then, build upon it. Follow our advice and you will find the perfect solution for your CPU needs. 

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