Is Buying/Renting Books From SlugBooks A Good Idea? Know It All

Books are blessings – but also expensive. However, to make things easier for you – blessings like SlugBooks also exist!

When you have to invest regularly in books, the expense can sometimes appear overwhelming. But as the old saying goes: necessity is the mother of invention.

And with that in mind, numerous options like SlugBooks exist in the modern world. Launched in 2008, it lets you rent cheap textbooks for a specific period of time or buy them for cheaper prices. Does that take the load off your chest a little? Well – it is supposed to.

Now, why should you opt for SlugBooks to rent/buy cheap textbooks? That’s an answer you have to find yourself – but here is a SlugBooks review from experience:

1. Slugbooks helps you find the textbook with the lowest price available:

We spend 1/4th of our lives trying to receive a good education so that we can lead a better life in the future. A lot of us however do not talk about the financial burden that education is on us – primarily because of the resources we have to pay for. No one has the time anymore to go through 5 websites and figure which website is offering cheap textbooks you’re looking for at the cheapest price.

And, how could you, amidst those examinations, assignments and readings? SlugBooks does that for you. Search for a book using the ISBN of the book or author name, and it’ll show you the sites that have the book. It works as a comparison site from where you can directly go to the website that’s selling it at the lowest price and buy it.

Isn’t that convenient? Well – of course. It streamlines the hectic process for you and makes it absolutely hassle-free. Besides, this goes for buying. You can do the same for renting textbooks too! Some digital booksellers on SlugBooks include Amazon, CampusBookRentals and VitalSource. I know this is pretty interesting.

2. SlugBooks will put you in touch with local vendors:

Besides, showing you digital sellers and their website where the book you’re looking for is available – SlugBooks goes a step ahead and connects it to sellers in your area. You can meet these folks, and buy the cheap textbooks or rent them for a short period. So, in a way, SlugBooks works like the Tinder of the book world.


That being said – it must also be noted that if you have books you’d like to sell or rent out because your semester is over and you could use some extra cash – SlugBooks helps you to register as a seller on the site and sell all you want! SlugBooks does not have a c in their name, or else, the C would have literally stood for Convenient.

We don’t know about convenient – but well, the S in SlugBooks definitely stands for Simplifying the process of buying & selling books!

3. It is registered with your college and has a Student Exchange Program that’s pretty exclusive:

You heard us right – Like, Jstor or Academia, SlugBooks covers hundreds of universities in its database. If your university is one of the universities in its database, what can we say? You’re in luck!

You’ll also be able to connect sellers from your school, and this unique and exclusive network it facilitates is called Student Exchange Program. So, you don’t have to venture out to get those books – take a swing by the campus one day, and find your seller. This keeps getting better – we promise!

If it is registered with your university, the best part is you’ll find all books listed in your course available with SlugBooks via sellers that are local, other vendors, or digital sellers like Amazon – they make it a point to ensure education is available and easily accessible to one and all, and textbooks should be the last barrier to getting a good education and a better life later!

4. When we talk about cheap textbooks, SlugBooks also means Ebooks:

Well, have you noticed that recently in most cases, ebooks are way cheaper than even the cheap textbooks? In some cases, they are available completely free.

And wouldn’t it be better if you had access to these ebooks, and you could save a ton of money this upcoming semester? Your prayers have been heard – and your wishes granted by none other than the wish fairy – in this case, SlugBooks!

They have ebook offerings, for you, too! Download SlugBooks on your phone – and use the app to browse through the available collection of ebooks on the site.

In some cases, they are free – in other cases, you might have to pay a token fee! You can also rent ebooks for a throwaway price, and well, it is a great aggregator for the next semester, wouldn’t you agree?

5. SlugBooks is a friend in need:

The websites you are renting books from are known for their student-friendly policies, mostly. You can return your books with no questions asked – within three weeks of delivery of your books! If the class gets cancelled, or your friend found the book for you at a cheaper price or an extra copy – you can send the book back!

Now if you’re wondering sending it back is probably a bad idea for you’ll have to cover the shipping fees of returning the book! That’s where SlugBooks makes it easier for you – they take care of the return shipping fee for you so that you don’t have to worry about it at all! SlugBooks is the friend in need:


Also, for all the times you’re renting out a book from an online seller on SlugBooks or an offline school student vendor, you might be interested to note you’ll have to pay no extra fees at the end for sending the book. The entire responsibility of that return on your scheduled date would be taken care of by these guys – and isn’t that fascinating?

I mean, someone at SlugBooks definitely understands how hard it is to be at school and do those assignments – and they just keep making this process easier and easier for you!

Now that you have heard the 5 reasons why renting or buying cheap textbooks from SlugBooks is a good idea, give them a chance and let us know about your experience!

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