Is RX 5700 XT Future Proof?

202o may go down in history as the strangest year of the modern era. It’s certainly the most unusual year of the 21st century so far, and one that has changed the way we have had to go about our daily lives. 

Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic has left practically nowhere in the world untouched, and many of the changes that have come about in our personal lives thanks to lockdown situations may remain with us in some form once the crisis is under control. 

Working home, for example, is something that many people have discover can be done more effectively than they thought. Another area that has had a boost is that of online retailing, while it should be no surprise to find that online video gaming is thriving as people turn to forms of entertainment that they have close to hand. 

For those of us who are already gamers, there is always something new to rad about, and lately a lot of talk has been about the RX 5700 XT graphics card. What’s it all about and is it worth the hype? We took a closer look for you.

The RX 5700 XT Explained

The first thing to understand is that the RX 5700 XT is not just one graphics card. There are multiple specifications of the card from various brands, so choosing the right one for your next PC build or upgrade needs some careful investigation. 

In line with current computer graphics trends it has been designed and specified to provide fast and accurate graphics reliably. As it is such a powerful card, it also needs some pretty hefty cooling to keep it from overworking itself. Nevertheless, the options you have – from brands such as PowerColor, Sapphire, XFX, MSI Gaming and more – all have their own specs to deal with.

For example, with the models from Sapphire you’ll find they come with very powerful cooling, and as such are quite bulky. MSI offers a few variations that tend to be more compact and has different levels of cooling. 

These are just a couple of the differences you will find, and then there’s the prices. If you are buying one of these, you’re looking at somewhere from £380 upwards, with the high-end models weighing in at a far more than that, so make sure you have your budget covered.

Ultimately, the RX 5700 XT may be the best graphics card on the market at the moment, but as for the question in our title, is it future proof? That depends how long you consider the future to be!

The Best on the Market Right Now

In the world of computers, graphics cards and other accessories, we would say that nothing is future proof. Things move very fast in this market, and new developments come on stream all the time. 

If you check out the reviews at you will find that the RX 5700 XT is certainly here to stay, and has the market for high-end graphics cards with quite sensational performance wrapped up. 

Will it be superseded and outdated soon? We don’t think so, as once an item such as this is established on the market it tends to enjoy a healthy lifespan. 

This is a graphics card that will enable you to enjoy any game – and other uses of graphics – with the very best in power and performance, and when all is considered it is actually pitched at the right price level.

We recommend you read the reviews at the link above and check out the different variations before you buy, as the information provided is very valuable indeed.

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