Kindred Affiliates Partner Program

Kindred Affiliates is a well-known casino marketing program. Previously, it was categorized in the Unibet brand, which was known for its Unibet television commercials. The company continues to monitor the famous Unibet Casino. However, to reflect the changes behind the scenes their name has changed.

Why join the Kindred Program?

Affiliate marketing can consume a lot of effort and time. Also, this system is well known to many because if you keep up with fresh content and marketing, it can generate a lot of money. It is popular with many experienced affiliate marketers for several reasons. There are no additional fees, such as management fees, and there is a very low payment threshold.

If you like their casino brands or believes you can make enough money each month, then it’s worth joining the Kindred Affiliate Program. Make sure to click here For Kindred Programs for Affiliate Sites.

How does the affiliate program work?

This program will allow you to claim commissions from players playing on the sites you advertise. For instance, if you have a game blog, you can use an affiliate message or add a link to convince the client to take a closer look at the blog.

The more people click on the advertised sites and invest in them, the more money is available. This can be a passive income, i.e., the more people are present, the more money you make every month.

Potential revenues and commissions

When joining an affiliate program, the first thing to look at is the commissions and the earnings. Is the Kindred program competitive? In a way, yes. Here you can earn up to 30% of the revenue share, with 20% for investments up to € 10,000, 25% for investments up to € 30,000 and 30% for additional investment available.

Remember, this is a large amount of money you need to invest, which means you need to convert many people to get serious reimbursements regularly. You also have the option of recovering money through sub affiliation if you want to get in detail. However, remember that negative transmission is generally useful to some extent. This could affect your future income; thus you should be careful and plan.

Payment details

Also, pay attention to the payment details before registering. You can trade in different currencies, with the minimum payment always being $ 100 or equivalent. Payments are made every two weeks. You can receive and process your money through Neteller or Skrill.

First clear LTD Gambling

If you ever see the First clear ltd gambling on your bank statement, this is part of this affiliate platform.

First Clear is the financial services provider that transfers money from your bank account to your gaming account.

The Firstclear Ltd gambling Reference is utilized for payments from the Kindred Affiliate Partner Program.

First clear Ltd bookmakers are usually linked to Unibet bets in their bank statements.

Software provider

Kindred use Net Refer to its affiliate program, which is one of the leading platforms for such systems. For many people, however, it is the casinos themselves that turn out to be the most interesting. The Kindred brand is probably bigger than you think, with some well-known names in the list of sites.

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