Knowing is different than doing

Knowing is different than doing

Knowing WHAT to do is not the same as actually DOING IT.

My back was flared up after a 6 hour flight of sitting. Not the zaps I had pre surgery (not even close) but enough that it was bothering me and I was going into self beat up and worry…

“What if this comes back”
“What if I’m in pain forever”
“What if…”

However, before I went to text my doctor or panic I asked myself if I’d done the basic that I KNOW to do. The answer was no. I had not.


For instance:
I know to stay truly hydrated but had not been drinking nearly enough water.

I know to avoid grains, dairy and sugar (dairy is a big NO for me when it comes to pain and inflammation) but had it three days in a row.

Movement, circuits and stretching keeps my body aligned but I had not moved through my circuit before my flight.

And, I was carrying all my carry on stuff on the right side of my body instead of in a back pack.

Yikes. That recognition that I was not doing what I KNOW to do supported a shift. A day of truly doing what I know made a giant difference already in a day.

It wasn’t easy btw! I sat down for what was supposed to be a growth dinner at the place I am staying at and it was a giant bowl pasta, cheese, butter and ham.

Now many would have used that as an excuse and ate it anyways. It would have been “polite” right? –
I did not.

I had just declared I was eating the aginginreverse_book way and I was not going to blow this because of a circumstance.

So I got uncomfortable and asked for something else and supplemented with food I brought on our trip.

And this morning I feel really good.

So my question to YOU… whatever you are not happy about with your health, your healing, your finances, your relationship, your business…

Are you DOING what you know or just saying “I know?” Knowing is not the same as DOING.


Natalie Jill

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