Leads’ Categories in Business – All Kinds of Business Leads To Know About

Let’s start by explaining why you see everyone splitting leads into different categories or types, and why it is crucial for your business. Well, to put it in simple terms, you have to take your lead and see whether it fits in your marketing or sales process. We say that because nobody wants a sales representative to be given a lead if it didn’t go through all the education process of the marketing department. Everybody who has ever worked in sales knows this is a basic move filtering possible leads and distributing them among the sales agents.

What most of the people working in sales fail to understand is that a lead is represented by a person and not by a company. What you need to remember and keep in mind when developing tactics is the fact that people do business with people! This ideology can change and improve your process, as you can be in better sync with your surroundings. So with these being said, let’s take a turn and check the types of leads and the way to approach each of them.

Hot Leads

When speaking about hot leads, we have to mention that they usually meet all the criteria in most of the situations. All you have to do, to judge the situation properly, is to use the BANT qualifying system and get a much clearer picture of the level of potential behind a lead.

  • B – Your prospect has already prepared the budget, and he has it ready at any time. That means that when the project gets approved by management, the invoice can be immediately issued, which increases your profits.
  • A – The person you are talking to has the proper authority to make a decision and implement the points that are being discussed in the room.
  • N – If you need your prime lead, then you know it’s time to prepare for the attack and make your plans, create your strategies. The goal is to minimize the losses and maximize the profit.
  • T – There is the possibility of setting a timeframe for the whole process and register it forward to the other departments that need to add their input.  

Warm Leads

A warm lead is a lead that meets almost all the requirements that we discussed above. It means that your lead is missing one or two criteria, but you must identify the need and the timeframe. Under any circumstances, do not let yourself feel discouraged or disappointed if you did not close a warm lead, as they are not entirely wasted. You see, they are still developing and just need a bit of nurture to get Hot. You might even be surprised when them contacting you again after a while.

Cold Leads

Do you know anyone who likes to eat cold soup? Well, what we want to underline here is that a fully-qualified cold lead usually has two or three points that are disqualifying it. The good side here is that the prospect is open to comparing setups with your systems.

This type of leads is usually put separately into a special category, for further nurturing and verifying. It is necessary to understand the importance of patience in this scenario, as it is not something that happens overnight. It’s like using the Signalhire email checker, where you need to be patient and trust in the process, as it takes a lot of tools, skills, time, strategies, and effort to reach your goals and target.

Information Qualified Lead (IQL)

A common situation in the sales industry is when the potential lead provides you with some type of contact information, something in the form of a whitepaper, an e-book, or a tip sheet. The lead has just started to research and found out a possible solution to his problems but is still unsure what your company can do for them. That is why, at that very moment, you can say that you have an Information Qualified Lead on your hands, thus you know which treatment to apply.

Usually, people that use marketing automation platforms have the most successful strategies because they will direct the IQL to a little thank-you page with a link for downloading your offer. It also connects the e-mail address with the subscription program that informs clients about what services can be contracted.

Marketing Qualified Leads

Well, to be honest, this is just a fancy way of describing the classical lead. The leads either attended a free webinar or downloaded some of your free e-books. No matter which one of your strategies worked, important is that at least one of them did, and that is where your sales skills seal the deal.

Because you took that IQL earlier and put it in the process, it slowly developed into this nice MQL who is ready to buy your services and trust your skill set. To properly help and get them advancing in the final stage, which the “decision stage”, you have to guide them and make sure they stay on the right path.

Signalhire Email Checker

To make sure that you have the latest e-mail contact list, you need to get an e-mail checker platform allowing you to start building your portfolio. Think about the time that you will be saving when you can just generate a contact list and put it through the platform so it can find workplaces, e-mail accounts, social media profiles, etc. Platforms such as Signalhire will significantly reduce the time you spend on doing research and will let you redirect that energy and attention towards the more important leads and opportunities to do good business.

When looking for customer service job descriptions that should meet your expectations, the best way is to get raw data and run it through the Signalhire platform for further options, via its free CRM system.

There’s always a chance to attract new customers, even if they seem not to be interested first. Today there are numerous tools that assist you in lead generation and finding new clients, the most important is to find the suitable one.  

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