Leah Stardew Valley: 8 Brilliant Things to Know About the Girl you wanna Marry

If you’re someone who’s into Stardew Valley and the multi-dimensional world it has to offer, you know Leah Stardew Valley –a simple villager! One of the twelve candidates you can marry in the game, Leah Stardew Valley resides in a small cottage located outside Pelican Town, which is to the south of your ranch.

But there is a lot about her than that meets the eye. If you’re someone who harbours a liking for Leah Stardew Valley or would like to know about her, just out of curiosity – this is the place, and you’re not the cat, so your curiosity wouldn’t kill you. Here are 8 facts about Leah Stardew valley:

1. She lives alone:

Well – this might not be so surprising, but Stardew Valley Leah loves spending time outside, in the lap of nature. She does not have a family around, which is why, she’s looking for a lucky guy to settle with – and have a family! Her friend Elliott keeps her company at times, and she loves spending time by herself, too, whenever possible.

2. She loves to paint:

Believe it or not – she is a very talented artist, and I mean why not, Stardew Valley Leah paints almost every day and makes it a point to hone her already amazing skills? She’s quite a master of arts, but not a braggart – so she doesn’t publicly show off her very beautiful work.

Stardew Valley Leah always remains open to encouragement and motivation, so you can leave her a good word or two about her work and she’d love it!

3. You can’t enter Leah Stardew Valley’s house unless:

If you’re trying to enter Leah Stardew Valley’s house, you might be in for an ugly surprise – you might find it locked. Well, you can only enter her house when you have two hearts or more with her, and I mean, that’s fair for she has so many admirers – and everyone wants to marry for her.

Even her ex can be found drifting around angrily at General Pierre’s store, trying to get her back, but she doesn’t have a lack of admirers, does she? And, we can all agree on what a jerk he must have been to lose such a talented beauty like her!

4. You can gift her hearts by sending her gifts:

So, to have hearts between the two of you – you need to gift things to Leah Stardew Valley! But please keep in mind – not anything would work as a gift – she has quite strong preferences, and you need to be sure that you’re gifting her the right things! Or else, she’ll just give you the dislike button, and I mean, you don’t want that!

Leah Stardew Valley loves wine, goat cheese, salad, vegetable medley, stir fry, salad, poppy seed muffin and truffle! She also likes fruits and eggs other than the void egg which she absolutely hates, and then there’s milk and mushrooms to her liking but she does not have a penchant for the red mushrooms –

and foraged items are also to her liking. She’s fond of flowers – but not drawn towards poppy, and you can get Leah Stardew Valley all goods other than ones made with artisan equipment!

5. Leah Stardew Valley’s “Thank you” isn’t going to get you a heart:

Well – her response – thank you is just a neutral response, when Leah Stardew Valley does not particularly like or dislike something – it is more like, when she does not have a strong opinion about it, so chances are if you received a thank you, you’re not going to get a heart! You might not lose your chance to woo her, but you have to be at it if you’re stuck at this point.

6. When she tells you everyone has different tastes, well she doesn’t like it:

If you gift Leah Stardew Valley something that’s more of an essence, seed, bomb or fishing item, or geodes or anything that resembles construction materials – she isn’t going to be fond of it!

Farm items, or ores and bars, or fried eggs, or cookies, or rice pudding, pink cake, ice cream, survival burger or minerals or tortilla or carp surprise does not make her very happy, either. However, she really likes diamonds when it comes to minerals – and I mean, if that’s not living up to the name of her being a woman, then we don’t know what is!

Leah Stardew Valley

7. A list of things she hates and you must avoid:

Leah Stardew Valley is amazing – but well she has her preferences, too and she has a bunch of things she has a strong distaste for. These things include void eggs and pizzas – yes, we know, Leah Stardew Valley hates pizza, that breaks our hearts but it is what it is! Pancakes, hashbrowns, bread, strange buns, ice cream and artefacts and monster loots and trash aren’t things that make her particularly excited either.

Leah Stardew Valley goes to the extent of telling you these are terrible gifts, and so are poppies, totems, sap and hay, and also bait! So, if you’re trying to get into her good books, we would suggest you steer clear of these and only stick to the thing Leah likes and loves or else, it is a lost battle, friend and comrade!

8. You marry her after you’ve ten hearts. But what’s the deal about Driftwood?

I mean – the minimum number of hearts you need to have is 2, for you to even enter her house! And, then it keeps rising to the extent of 10, after which you’d be able to marry Leah Stardew Valley. The best time to visit her after you’ve two hearts with Leah Stardew Valley is after 10 AM, which is right after she wakes up – and I mean, what’s a better time than the morning to visit the girl of your dreams, Leah Stardew Valley?

Well – if you have eight hearts, it is only then Leah Stardew Valley would like driftwood as a gift and she would even probably ask you to get it, telling you how special it would be if you got it for her – if you’re not on level 8 and she does not explicitly ask you to get it, Leah Stardew Valley might turn down your gift – and I mean, it is a risky proposition, and all depends on whether she likes you back, mate!

Do you like Marnie or Cynthia?

These are all for now. With these little knickknacks, you’ll be able to woo her and marry her in no time. Good luck, mate! 

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