Meet InfluenceMojo from TimesNext, the leading influencer marketing platform in India

Takeaway: InfluenceMojo from is the leading influencer marketing platform in India that helps brands connect with the right type of influencers using various manual and data-driven measures. 

Influencer marketing has grown to become the newest form of marketing in the digital world, with new influencers popping in every now or then. During the development of the influencer space, many were confused about where it was going in the long run. Today, influencer marketing stands headstrong as a billion-dollar industry.

As brands, the biggest issue faced in influencer marketing is that of finding the right type of influencers with the adequate reach to promote your product. InfluenceMojo, the leading influencer marketing platform, helps brands connect with the right influencers from different channels like YouTube, Instagram, etc. 

There are multiple established influencers in the market, and many are building their empire as micro-influencers. Even various firms in venture capital in India are investing in influencer marketing. Every brand has a different strategy to promote their product and services, which requires one to have a specific target audience. InfluenceMojo helps brands adopt the best influencer marketing techniques to make their product a success in the market, helping them multiply their sales.

InluenceMojo – connecting brands with the right influencers

InfluenceMojo has the number 1 influencer network in the country, with influencers hailing from different niches like beauty, fashion, gaming, sports, etc. InfluenceMojo is a staunch believer in making an impact and trusts that influencer marketing, done either on a small scale or large scale, help add up to the brand’s value. 

InfluenceMojo is currently serving as the best influencer marketing network in India, connected with the top celebrities in the game to the micro-influencers building their empire little by little. To magnify your company or startup stories, you can claim the best services to promote your brand in the best possible way with the marketing expertise at InfluenceMojo.

InfluenceMojo helps you launch successful influencer campaigns via efficient communication to deliver exquisite on-demand solutions for your brand, thereby helping:

  • to amplify sales
  • to build a brand connection
  • to generate quality content

What makes InfluenceMojo stand out?

InfluenceMojo uses multiple data-driven tactics like the quality of content, organic followers vs. paid followers, engagement rates, and performance analysis of influencers. This, in turn, helps reach out to the right influencers having an organic reach, thereby, a more substantial influence. For example, an influencer having 20k organic following has a better reach than an influencer having 100k paid followers. 

Not only does the platform uses data-driven measures to ensure the quality of the influencer’s content, but InfluenceMojo also has the top marketers in the industry holding expertise in their fields that help brands build the best influencer marketing campaigns to fetch them the best results according to their budget. Given that we live in a digital age, influencer marketing is here to stay for a long time, and you better get your game strong now. 

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