Minecraft Smoker: What is the Purpose and Advantage of a Smoker in Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the most popular video game series, and players know it is incomplete without a Minecraft Smoker. It was originally developed by Mojang and released in 2011. In the decade where new games are being developed every minute, as you even read this article, staying relevant and prominent for an old game like Minecraft just says how interesting and exciting it is!

And, we mean why not? – For with Minecraft, one gets to explore newer adventures, enchantments, and wage fierce battles that lend a sense of purpose and meaning to their lives. 126 million active users exist as of 2020, and well, we both know – that’s huge! There are many interesting things that make Minecraft fun like the respiration underwater, creating bamboo, getting kelp or blue ice, making a fletching table or stonecutter, etc. This article would go on to the details of a Smoker Minecraft – its uses, crafting recipes and the like!

The Minecraft Smoker & Interesting Facts

The smoker Minecraft is a utility block, which allows players to cook food faster. Yes – you heard us right! Food is usually cooked in a regular furnace – as you would know. If you use a Minecraft Smoker, the time taken to cook that food reduces by half. In other words, a smoker Minecraft allows you to cook food twice as fast, as in a furnace. The only use of a Minecraft Smoker is in relation to food items. However, you can only use it for certain items – so keep that in mind.

When active, Minecraft Smoker emits a light level of 13 – in similar to normal furnaces. You can’t push smokers using pistons. And, if a village has no butcher – but only a Minecraft Smoker, any villager who has no profession can opt to be a butcher and choose that as his occupation.

Where to find a Minecraft Smoker

Well, a smoker – in its most natural origins – can be found within some buildings in a village. If you have the 1.14 update, they generate naturally. The players can also use the perfect crafting recipe to craft smoker, and the recipe of a Minecraft Smoker is provided below:

The materials required: 4 logs – yes, that’s how simple it is!

How to make a smoker in Minecraft

Step 1: Open the crafting table, which is a 3 x 3 grid that appears.

Step 2: Now, you will be required to add items to the 3 x 3 crafting grid, so that you can make a smoker Minecraft. Place a furnace and 4 logs in the crafting grid, to make a Minecraft Smoker. The 4 logs can be wood, stripped or logs. If you’re going to use, you can use any of the following: oak, dark oak, acacia, birch, spruce, and jungle. While you’re making a Minecraft Smoker, it is important that you get the positioning of the woodblocks and the furnace right.

The first row must have one oak wood or wood log in the middle column. The second row must have one wood log in the left and right columns, surrounding the middle column which has the furnace placed in it. The third row has one wood log in the middle column, as well.

how to make a smoker in minecraft

Step 3: Once the crafting area has all things required, you’ll see a Minecraft Smoker appear in a box that is right to the 3 x 3 crafting grid.

Step 4: Once crafting is finished, move it to the inventory – and congratulations! You’ve crafted for yourself a Minecraft Smoker.

How to use a smoker in Minecraft?

To use a Smoker Minecraft, you’ll have to place it in the hotbar. You can only do so if you have a Minecraft Smoker in your inventory already – so if you don’t have one, the crafting recipe is given just above – you can read it to make what you need!

  1. Place your pointer, which is a plus sign, on the block where you want the smoker to be placed. The block will become highlighted in your game window, once you’ve chosen it. You can also use a game control to do so. If you’re using the Java edition, Windows 10 Edition or Education Edition, you will have to right-click the button. For other versions like Pocket version, you can just tap on the block. LT button works for Xbox One, and L2 button works for PS4. ZL works for Nintendo Switch, and that’s about it.
  2. To use the Minecraft Smoker – you’ll have to add the fuel to the smoker. You do that by placing the fuel at the bottom box, suppose you place coal. Now while choosing fuel, you should remember that some fuels burn more and for longer durations than others, and can cook them faster – do a comparison study of all fuels and their burning durations, if possible.
  3. After this, of course, you have to place a food item that you want to cook in the top box. You can choose chicken for this purpose, and how do you know that your food is being cooked? You’ll see flames cook the item.
  4. Once the cooking is complete, you’ll find the cooked chicken appear in the box that is towards the very right.

History & Interesting Facts about Minecraft Smoker

Well, that’s all on how to craft and use a Minecraft Smoker– if we go back on the history of Minecraft Smoker, you’ll be amazed to know that it was added in Snapshot 18w44a but it was not functional right away. It became functional way later, in snapshot 18w50a where it allowed players to cook food using it.

More and more players in the higher levels prefer this, for it reduces cooking time drastically to half of what time is required at the furnace. If you want to mine this Minecraft Smoker, you have to use the pickaxe tool for this purpose. If you mine it with any other tool, you’ll not drop anything and hence, nothing will be mined.

Smoker Minecraft is stackable and renewable, in nature. It does not obey physics, it is not flammable in nature, and it is not luminous or transparent either when we are talking about its properties. Besides, being used for cooking items faster, it is also used as the site of the butcher’s job. They usually generate in butcher houses, hence if they generate in other random houses, a butcher can claim the house or the occupation if he has no prior occupation.

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