Nyrvana Guilt Free Chocolate

Nyrvana Guilt Free Chocolate

Guilt Free chocolate!? BRING IT! This chocolate is everything…

Seriously HOLD UP! I just discovered this guilt free “Smart” chocolate truffle and I need to tell the world about this. This is EVERYTHING especially if you love chocolate (who doesn’t) and if you are health conscious (who is not) and if you are wanting something to help with that  morning focus or that 3 pm crash (who does not?)

First off- They TASTE AMAZING. It is like you are having a Godiva truffle. For real.


  1. ENERGY EXPLOSION: They increase ENERGY. Ummmm Goodbye 3 pm crash! AND hello morning focus if you need that extra push!
  2. They are CLEAN! Gluten Free, Lactose-free- no soy! They contain brain enhancing ingredients like B12
  3.  LOW Calorie They are just 99 calories and have only 1 Net Carb. YUP. It is TRUE!
  4. They are Sugar Free

May as well call it crazy yummy healthy chocolate treat lol AND THEY HAVE ONE THAT IS WITH PEANUT BUTTER. That is a mic drop in itself.

Use Coupon NatalieJill for free expedited shipping  then hide them from your family as they are going to want to eat them all too! Order them HERE!



Natalie Jill

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