Others Opinions Don’t Matter

Others Opinions Don’t Matter

“Stay in your lane”
“You are too old”
“That’s a stupid idea”
“That’s ridiculous”
“You can’t afford that”
“No one would say yes to that”
“I would never do that”
“You better have a plan B”
“That is too risky”
“No one wants to hear that from you”

I’ve heard them all … and the more I share and grow, the more risk I take, the more I step into a bigger life, the more I hear it…


Others “opinions” used to run me….

Asking for approval.
Seeking approval..
Caring (way too much) what others thought.

That becomes a problem when it gets between you and your goals and vision. I’ve experience this a LOT lately as I’ve shared about my new focus and business plan.

So how do you fix this? Here is what I do…

I ask myself … “Natalie, whose life are living?” and “who are you living for?”

Whenever I do that it puts back in check and reminds me that others opinions are none of my business. You see others opinions do not pay our bills.

Others opinions don’t get us healthy. Others opinions don’t keep us warm at night. Others opinions are merely a reflection of their OWN experiences, beliefs and missed goals. Others opinions don’t get us to our goals. All that others opinions do for us is distract us from our vision, our goals, our hopes and dreams. Their opinions don’t “protect us” and they certainly don’t help us.

Anything is possible for you at ALL TIMES so do not muddy that belief with someone’s “opinion.” Be careful who you seek guidance from. Ask yourself… Does this person giving me their opinion represent success or where you want to be?? This question is everything!

What would you create if others opinions of you did not matter? Others opinions of you are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.


Natalie Jill

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