Our Tips for Teaching Your Children to Swim

Learning how to swim is a fun and exciting time for your child. Besides learning water safety tips, they also set the pace for that healthy lifestyle. When training your children to swim, you need to concentrate on safety regardless of age and ability. In this article, you will learn some great tips to teach your children how to swim. 

Get Them the Right Swimming Clothes

You need to get the right clothes for your children. You get them fitting baby boy clothes for swimming or a unisex one-piece swimming costume. Whatever you get, make sure that it fits well and doesn’t sag when the clothes are wet. 

Introduce Your Children to the Water

Depending on the age, you may have to take several steps when introducing the children to the water. For small children, you can start by filling up some water in a cup and pouring it over their shoulders. This helps them get used to the water and the temperature. Allow them to play with water in the bathtub or shower and watch how they behave. If they are older, you may not have to make the introduction. 

Get Flotation Products for a Start

Before heading out to the swimming pool, you need to get the correct floatation products. Beginners will always use these products to keep their head and body afloat. Besides the floatation, you also need to get some goggles to help them feel more comfortable and see underwater. By seeing underwater, they can quickly get over the fear of the unknown. 

Let them Learn to Hold their Breath

Floating and holding a breath under the water are two major learning steps in swimming. You need to train them how to float in water and hold their breath while in water. You can start by teaching them how to blow bubbles in water as they practise holding their breath. If they are older, you will not need to teach them how to hold their breath. You only need to test their ability to hold underwater. 

Make it Fun

As the trainer, you have the responsibility of twisting the learning curve. You need to make it as fun as possible. Keep them safely engaged and plan for practice sessions in their free time. You can play fun games in water, such as looking for certain things in the water, green light game, or even ball games.

Consider their Age

There is so much material on the internet based on age. You will get guidelines for young babies under two years, toddlers, older children, and teenagers. Each category has its intricacies whereby the older children can quickly follow instructions, but the younger ones will need more action. 


Teaching your children how to swim is fun and exciting. Besides teaching them a basic life skill, you also get a chance to bond with them regardless of their age. You should majorly focus on keeping them safe and finding the right baby boy clothes for swimming. What they wear also influences their preparedness to swim.

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