Salesforce Configuration and Customization: Comparison

CRM is the foundation and the engine of any modern business at once. It is the so-called bridge between the consumer and the supplier, so it significantly affects the prospects for the development of the project. It is important to choose the right CRM solution that will make the most of the resources you have to build customer relationships. One of the most popular options is Salesforce, the global giant in the CRM software market. Over the years, it has gained the loyalty of many entrepreneurs and the status of a “customer success platform” due to its flexibility, easy customization, and guaranteed reliability.

Salesforce is a not only powerful but also flexible tool to satisfy your needs. Salesforce configuration and customization can be performed to tailor the CRM to your project.

Although many people believe that the concepts of configuration and customization are synonymous, there are quite a few diff

erences between them. You need to know this distinction to find the right CRM solution for your case.

What is Salesforce Configuration?

The essence of the Salesforce configuration is that changes are made within the system without a huge amount of coding. You are able to do it on your own (but help from a good developer can be very useful). The process itself is about adjusting the system to your needs without affecting a large part of the basic structures.

Salesforce Customization

Salesforce customization means working with custom code to develop features that can easily integrate with your workflow and business processes. This is a step forward compared to the Salesforce configuration. It is applied when the configuration is not enough to serve the business purposes of a company anymore. Here are some of the main benefits of Salesforce customization:

  • The ability to develop a variety of features that are absent in the original version of the app;
  • The ability to add certain activities that are incompatible with the configuration and require generated code;
  • The ability to add triggers to objects that take a couple of actions at once.

Going for configuration is necessary for the giants of the e-commerce market, which have many sales representatives and sales channels.

When Should You Choose Salesforce Customization?

You should choose Salesforce configuration when:

  • You want to increase the functionality of the originally built-in tools and modules;
  • The Salesforce application seems like a good fit for your business strategies;

On a side note, if you want all underlying processes handled most efficiently, your best bet is to order professional configuration services for Salesforce. Thankfully, there are established companies that provide competent, experienced specialists.

When Should You Choose Salesforce Customization?

You should choose Salesforce customization when:

  • Your business needs are not being met due to a weak CRM system;
  • You need to integrate a third party service;
  • You want to improve the quality of reports because you do not see everything you need in the old ones;
  • Your employees are not satisfied with the existing version of the platform.

In any case, efficient customization requires the expertise of professional Salesforce partners providing Salesforce customization services.


Both configuration and customization in Salesforce give organizations a huge boost to their business development, but you need to carefully analyze your individual case to determine the right option. Companies should choose based on their business goals, and requirements. There is a general rough algorithm: first, you try to squeeze the maximum out of the configuration process; then, you check whether you have all the necessary components; and finally, if any components are missing, you need to add them by customization. However, if a company has a desire to directly customize their application without a prior configuration, it is not an issue. Whichever way you choose your application to be changed, our team of experts will be glad to help you successfully pass it and achieve the result you are dreaming of.

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