See things as you WANT them

See things as you WANT them

See things first how you WANT them to be not how they currently ARE. You see everything is created as a vision FIRST.


All created first as a thought and a vision. When you choose to see things first how you WANT them and get crystal clear on that focus that is what you actually create.

The Statue of David by the way was created that way. The story is shared that   the artist who created the Statue of David chipped away at everything that was not David. He saw David first in the midst of everything that was not.

Why is this so hard?

I get that this is challenging and that our analytical minds want to focus on the circumstances and the obstacles and not the vision.

We focus on what’s broken.
We focus on flaws
We focus on lack
We focus on that we hate
We focus on broken beliefs

And then, when we focus on those things we get more of that.

I decided during my healing to focus on what I saw for myself and not what was wrong.

One of my VIP private one on one clients asked me the other day how she stops seeing her “arms that she hates” and I told her she starts seeing what she wants to see and focuses on that.

SEE THINGS AS YOU WANT THEM and then the results will reflect.


Natalie Jill

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