Selling Like Hotcakes: The Power of Video Sales Letters

According to Hubspot’s recent research, 62% of people will watch a piece of video content from start to finish. If you look at Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and even your own online browsing habits, you’ll quickly see that video content is king and queen and has been for years. It’s by far one of the most sought-after ways to create and consume content.

What better way to take advantage of this than by using video in your own sales pitch? If you can do so successfully, it can dramatically grow your business, and the amount of interest people have in what you have to offer. Especially when you’re looking towards the younger generations.

So, when it comes to video sales letters, now referred to as ‘VSL’s’, what are the real-life benefits of such a practice, and is it worth investing in such content? Let’s explore the benefits now.

Why are Video Sales Letters So Successful?

To cut a long story short, the reason why video sales letters are so successful is that they leave a memorable and lasting impression on your clients. They visually see and hear your message, rather than just glancing over text in, say, an article. 

If you’re not on your client’s mind when it comes to them making a sales decision, then they’re not going to choose you to work with. You need to be front and centre when they are deciding where to spend their money, which means you need to create content that leaves what you’re offering clearly in their minds.

We know that customers find well-made video content to be far more memorable by default. Statistics prove this. According to Forbes, only 14% of people recall a traditional display ad, while 80% remember a video ad!

If you know how to create direct response text, encourage high-quality production, whether you’re making your content yourself, or using a video production company, you can turn a Video Sales Letter into a true sales machine by incorporating unique content and educating your consumers. 

1. Capturing Their Interest Quickly

First things first, video content draws eyes to your message. You need to be impactful and meaningful if you want to stand a chance of even standing out against your competition. Since this is a sales letter we’re talking about, you’re going to need to tell your customers exactly what they will get out of working with you.

Using video, you can be bold and sharp when it comes to detailing your USPs within seconds.

2. Expanding on the Issue

Every time you try to sell something, the best approach you can have is to try and highlight a pain point in someone’s life and then state how your product will address it and hopefully solve it. In the case of video letters, you can do this incredibly effectively by simply showing the situation on screen that your clients can then resonate with.

Within your video, you must show these experiences and show the empathy and compassion you have for that situation. Think about headache tablets, how they will show the person suffering from the headache, and how it gets in the way of everything in their life. People see that, and they can relate to it, thus wanting to see the solution to overcome it.

3. Become the Authority

When you release video content, you’re showing the world that you’re investing in what you’re doing and the message you’re sending, which, over time, pushes you into becoming the authority in your niche, especially against your competition who aren’t investing in video content.

Not only will you be drawing eyes to your brand, or only exciting people to come to what you’ve got to offer, but you’ll be standing out above the rest, basically making it, so it’s impossible to choose anyone else to work with. Only your business feels like the logical choice.


That’s really all there is to it. If you can master the art of using video sales letters, then you’ll stay ahead of the curve when it comes to growing your business, increasing your popularity and demand. Start off small and build up how you approach your video sales letters production process, and you should start seeing results almost immediately.

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