Slow down to speed up

Slow Down to Speed Up

I’m a recovering “quick start” hustler. Workaholic- idea person- energizer bunny- whatever you want to call it. Speed was my thing. Dang I moved fast, so fast.

I thought fast, I acted fast. And I felt like I had to stay in motion. I used to look at people “relaxing” on the beach and judge them as “lazy” I had no idea how to ever do that.

Diagnosed as ADHD decades ago, I wore it as a badge of honor. It was my reason to keep moving. Hey it made me creative, let me take action fast. It explained missing details and it it justified my distraction and my need to create create create. And it was an excuse not to do the work to figure out why I could not slow down bc speed kills.

A body in motion stays in motion – this is true. But let me warn you- never slowing down will damage you, your health, your business and your relationships. It’s a drug- a way to numb out from “feeling” and doing the work.

Moving 100 mph all the time will

Age you
Show up on your body
Have important people in your life feel unseen and not important
Keep you on edge
Create bad decisions
Will create mistakes
And it will do damage.
A lot of damage
Life is more than just getting done.

Add stimulants on top of that like many adhd meds or lots of coffee and you are going to have a head on collision.
And “your body keeps the score” so all those injuries, ailments, fatigue, migraines, weight gain and more may be your body acting out and asking you to slow the F down. I used to think this was nonsense. I now know in my soul that this is the truth.

When we slow down & create boundaries around our time, energy, and health, our to do list does not grow- it actually becomes more impactful. Only important things that move us forward remain.
Important priorities still happen but the rest goes away.

What happens as a result?

Energy, focus, authentic Deep connected relationships.
We see people and they see us
Healing, Growth, aging slows down and JOY becomes available.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, like you “can’t slow down” this message is especially for you. Let this post be your sign before something happens to you to force you to see this.


Natalie Jill

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