Social Media For Business: How to Build an Audience

If your business isn’t already on social media, you should seriously consider joining the most commonly used platforms. You might think that your firm doesn’t need these extra channels – that they’re more trouble than they’re worth – but in truth, they help to generate a huge amount of traffic and sales on your website.

If you’re already using social media as a business but you’re treading water rather than gaining followers, you too could be in line to seriously increase your profits. This guide is all about getting there – building an audience that will eventually trade with your firm. 

Which Platforms?

If you’re considering joining social media as a business, you’ll first wonder which platforms you should join. Most marketers would encourage you to join three or four, those being:

  • Facebook: which is the most-used platform in the world
  • Instagram: which has higher engagement with younger demographics 
  • Twitter: where you can share views and ideas about the world
  • YouTube: where you can host compelling video content

It’s quick and easy to set up profiles on each of these sites – and well worth doing for the growth of your business.


You first stop, either when you’re creating or you’re revamping your social media profiles, is the profile information itself. This is where you sell your business in as few words as possible, giving key information like:

  • What you sell and who you’re looking to sell to
  • How long you’ve been around and any relevant long-term goals
  • Where you’re based and where you deliver to
  • How consumers can get in touch with you

Try to be as succinct as possible – social media users aren’t keen on reading paragraphs upon paragraphs of text. 


Next up are your posts. These will appear in the list below your profile information and will show your character, personality and flair. Make them impressive and well-curated to stand the best chance of capturing imaginations. Content can take the form of:

  • Simple textual posts describing an event, an offer or a competition
  • A short, 140-character statement that’s either humorous or factual
  • A video that shows off your business or your products
  • High quality photos that do the same
  • Other multimedia projects, like animations and illustrations

All of these will figure as the flowers that’ll draw your consumer bees to you – so make them bright, colorful and exciting to see the best results.


Finally, your best posts should also be boosted in order to gain as many new followers and impressions across social media as possible. You’ll find ways to pay to boost your posts on all social media platforms, including ways to target certain users rather than trying a ‘catch-all’ with your marketing spend. 

This is the most exciting way to increase Instagram followers or to boost your Facebook profile, because it helps your business’ post get seen by people you might not be able to reach without using social media – a huge reason firms should be using these brilliant platforms for marketing in the first place. 

These tips will help you make the most of social media as a business as we head into 2022. 

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