Spoil Your Pet with These 9 Fashionable Dog Accessories

There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day and seeing that smiling face of your four-legged pal looking back up at you. It’s hard to show your appreciation for your furry best friend and put into words how much they mean to you, but you can show them some love while making them look oh-so-fashionable at the same time. From AirTag cases on their collar to cozy pet beds that are probably more comfortable than yours, what better way to spoil your pooch with any of these nine fashionable dog accessories?

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  • Designer Collars and Bandanas — Just like you can wear luxury clothing and accessories, so can your dog. Get them designer bandanas and collars that are fit for the runway. Trends for designer dog collars and bandanas include floral patterns, abstract designs and timeless plaid.
  • AirTag and AirTag Case — When the weather outside is frightful, you still need to take your dog outside for their daily walk as long as it’s relatively bearable for both of you. However, even when it’s bright and sunny outside, you can quickly accidentally lose your dog with or without a leash. Imagine accidentally losing your dog when it’s raining outside. You’re trying to run after them, and you’re going to cross your fingers, hoping that their AirTag will stay on the whole time you’re running after them. Rest easy knowing that you have a trusty AirTag dog collar case to keep tabs on your four-legged friend. In addition to putting an AirTag case on your dog’s collar, you can also put an AirTag case on their harness, leash or dog jacket.
  • Pet Monitor — Just like your AirTag cases can be practical yet look fancy, so can your pet monitor. Try a dog camera that gives treats to your dog, many of which support two-way audio so you can talk to your dog and they can bark back even when you’re not home. Your dog will feel so loved when you toss them treats and they can hear your voice whenever you can’t be with them.
  • Dog Sweaters — Make sure your dog is cozy year-round in a curly knit dog sweater. When the temperature dips, they’ll be looking fabulous and feeling warm in a dog sweater made just for them. Try one with playfully looped yarns for extra texture. If you’re looking for a breathable and luxurious fabric that will work all year long, opt for a cashmere dog sweater.
  • Dog Bowls — Don’t just get them any old, boring dog bowl. Get them a dog bowl that really showcases their personality. Perhaps your sassy pup will appreciate a dog bowl with a whimsical or cheeky saying. Maybe your thoughtful dog will appreciate a bowl with a cartoon image of them in their honor. Instead of a plastic bowl, get them one made from fashionably durable materials such as stainless steel. If you’re all about aesthetics, consider a dog bowl made from fine bone china.

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  • Pet Beds — Your pooch’s dog days are over once they start snoozing in a fabulous dog bed. Get your dog a bed that matches with your existing interior design. If you have a minimalist modern design, get them a bed that reflects that as well, such as one made from sustainable wood and upholstered with comfortable fabric that you’ll want to sleep in. If you care less about aesthetics and more about the ultimate comfort to spoil your pet, get them a memory foam bed.
  • Colorful Leashes — Let your dog strut their stuff in style in a colorful leash. Try getting one in trendy pastel colors. If you prefer the leash to be more blinged out, you can get ones with jewels or crystals on them. You and your pup will feel luxurious with designer leashes. When in doubt, get a leash that’s optimal for walking your pup in the dark by getting an LED light up leash.
  • Travel and Exercise Harness — So you want something with more comfort and style than the daily leash and collar that your dog wears. Get them a travel and exercise harness. The harness should be padded at the chest for comfort. Get one that’s made from durable materials so that they’ll last a long time, and you’ll know that the harness is extra secure for when you’re traveling or exercising with your dog.

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  • Plush Toys — Toys aren’t just for kids, or for humans for that matter. You can buy as many plush toys as you see fit for your dog. You can also subscribe to a monthly box that offers at least a few dog toys, among other treats, every month. It’s a gift for you and your dog, and we’re sure you’ll both be pleased.

If you’re seriously considering spoiling your pet, you’re definitely not alone. According to PetBacker, one in every five dog owners goes out of their way to buy presents and other special treats for their pet friends. With any of these nine items on this list, you’re sure to spoil your pet in the most fashionable way.

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