Steps to achieving your VISION

Hey Hey! Your VISION is calling!

We are just a 2 weeks into the new year and your VISION is calling you!

It wants to share that if you continue to rely on what you “FEEL LIKE” doing nothing will change! You see, your VISION and your future self is watching your ACTIONS…What you “feel like doing” and your old habits may be creeping back up! If you let what you feel like doing dictate the actions you take then you stay stuck and nothing changes.

How do you get back on track?

There IS a method to getting the results you want (in anything)…

Step one to achieving your vision:

DECIDE it’s happening. Get realigned with your vision and make a FIRM decision that it is happening and that you will implement all of the habits and actions to get you there! Make it stick by declaring it publicly. I know that can feel scary but when you declare something to others then your brain hears it and you are much more likely to follow through.

Step two to achieving our vision:

ASK FOR HELP . Find someone who has achieved what you are after and ask them “how did you do it?” If they are a person you do not know personally then know that success always leaves clues. Study them, listen to their podcast, read their blogs and books, join their programs and follow their methods.

Step three to achieving your vision:

COMMUNITY. Surround yourself with people that up level you. Any and every area you want improvement in there are people that have achieved that already and / or are working on that same goal! Surround yourself with them!

Step four to achieving your vision:

Change your HABITS. We are the result of the habits we practice, not the feelings that stop us! Copy the habits of the people that have achieved what you want.

Step five to achieving your vision:

DO IT EVEN WHEN YOU DO NOT “feel like it” (if you wait to feel like it you could be waiting a long time. Nike had it right! Do it ANYWAYS

You can get back on track and you can get back on track quickly. Drop the ego… ask, learn, modify steps… start from where you are and focus on getting a little bit better every day!

This is your REMINDER… you are the results of the HABITS you practice and the actions you take!

Now… let’s go!!

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Natalie Jill

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