The 12 Best QR Code Generators for 2021

With different QR code generators available today, choosing the best one is a challenge for all. If you struggle to choose the best, we sort 12 best QR code generators that you can use today.

To keep up with the ever-changing marketing demands, the use of QR codes is here to cater your marketing needs. But as the in choosing can be a burden for you and your company, QR code experts lay out 12 noteworthy best QR code generators that you can use for 2021 and beyond.

With a new business plan layout that companies of the future employ in their marketing and operations, QR code experts crafted a set of QR code generator utility factors that you can check out afterwards. 

Through the use of the QR code maker utility factors, here are 5 utility key factors that QR code experts carefully considered in selecting the best QR code generator for 2021. 


Credibility is one of the QR code maker utility factors that ensure a person or business’ digital security when giving out their sensitive information to a QR code generator. There are two ways on how to check the QR code generator’s credibility, by using a SSL checker and check the lock icon beside the URL tab of the QR code generator’s address. 

To use a SSL checker online, you can select different free SSL domain checkers like Google’s Transparency Report SSL checker or SSL Labs. 

Through this, you can ensure a safe, secure and properly working QR code generator that you can use in the long run. 

Multiple QR code functions and design options

As the sole purpose of using QR codes is to provide faster information unpacking system, the functions of QR codes depends on the type of information you want to give to your customers. With various information that you can give to them, checking the QR code generator’s multiple functions availability is important. 

If the QR code generator can cater more than 10 QR code functions, then it can give more for your QR code needs. 

In terms of the QR code generator’s designing options, checking its ability to personalize your QR code can enable businesses to show their creative side and make the QR code a part of their product branding.

Since partnering with the QR code generator means long term usage, knowing its multiple functions and designing options is important for your business growth. 

Ability to create dynamic QR codes

As the use of static QR codes are for limited personal usage, the use of dynamic QR codes is for business competitive usage. One thing QR code generators should have when offering corporate QR code generation to businesses is the ability to create dynamic QR codes.

The use of dynamic QR codes allows businesses to take their QR code usage to a more useful and competitive utilization. With the dynamic QR code generators ability to edit and track data, the ability to create dynamic QR codes is a must for QR code generators that targets to partner with businesses.

Security Updates and Responsive Customer service

Aside from looking out for the QR code maker’s credibility, multiple QR code functions and design options, and ability to create dynamic QR codes, businesses like yours should always look at the QR code generator’s security updates and responsive customer service. 

As technology is going for a more secure future, security updates in devices and software is necessary to keep up with the move towards the future. But as technology fastens its pace for change, people who are starting to embrace the use of technology needs a helping hand to keep up with the pace.  

Ability to let you experience QR code generation beforehand

Experiencing the QR code generation first hand is important to make a substantial notion on whether to choose partnering with them. Because of that, QR code experts have tested out some of the best QR code generators that you can use for 2021 and give their final feedback about them. 

These are the 12 best QR code generators for 2021

1. QRTiger

QRTiger is a professional QR code generator that gives people a minimalistic and convenient to use interface. This QR code maker has an ad-free QR code generation that allows users to create their QR code without any interruptions. 


Aside from its minimalistic and convenient to use interface, it offers 16 primary functions and features that users can use to upscale their QR code utilization and yield more engagements with them.  It’s a great QR code generator if you want to create dynamic QR codes and track data. You can also make QR codes from files as PDF or from MP3. One feature they stand out on is their Multi URL QR code which is a powerful feature for marketers. 

It has a high error correction rate that every business can enjoy. It enables users to continually use the QR code even if it has been damaged. This QR code generator allows users to generate their QR code firsthand and does not force first time users to sign up to its free trial offers. You can save your QR code as a SVG for quality prints and PNG.  We consider QRTIGER as the best free QR Code generator with logo in our list from all the QR code generators we have tested. 

2. GoQR

GoQR is a QR code maker that promotes the use of QR codes in souvenirs and merchandise such as t-shirts, coffee mugs and more. It has a variety of QR code functions to offer, ranging from the URL utilization down to its location and contact information storage. This QR code maker has limited QR code generation feature and only allows users to directly download the QR code without customizing or adding your logo to it. 


3. QRStuff

QRStuff is a simple yet interactive QR code generator interface where users can easily generate their QR code at ease. It has the common QR code solutions such as Emails, texts, URLs, Vcard, and most of the social media links that you can use for your corporate and social routines. 

The problem QR code experts encounter in this QR code maker is its inability to display a design preview for your customized QR codes. Since knowing the QR code design outcome is important before a user continues to download the QR codes, its inability to show a customization QR code design preview increases the user’s frustration in generating.


4. offers a comprehensive and easy to follow steps in generating QR codes. It has different QR code solutions that can range from the typical URL embedding down to file and bit coin data embedding. 

While it is great for users to use, QR code experts found some steps that require a subscription to unlock them. One of the steps they mention is the customization step of QR codes. Because of the QR code creating restriction it makes, the use of can be a disadvantage to users. 

Qrd by

5. Visualead

Visualead is a QR code maker that specializes in creating QR codes with visual based designs. This QR code has different QR code solutions categorized as URL, business, Personal, and Utility. As they create visual-based QR code designs, this QR code generator requires you to sign up for their subscription to download your generated QR code. 

Because of the sign-up for a subscription system Visualead offers, creating a QR code is not complete and can greatly affect your QR code journey. 


6. ForQRcode

ForQRcode has a simple QR code generation interface that allows users to easily navigate their way in creating their QR code. It has a good variety of QR code solution offers that beginners and intermediate QR code users can enjoy, ranging from URL to image embedding QR code function. The only problem is that it has three major downsides: on-site ads, QR code generator redirects to another QR code maker, and limited QR code customization options to free users. 


7. is a Brazil-based QR code generator that integrates that let Latin users to generate their QR code. This QR code generator offers a free QR code generation with few QR code solutions. The problem it has that it lacks the prompt to create dynamic QR codes and customization steps. Both of them are important for increase scan impressions and track monitoring. Because of its problems, some QR code users that use QR codes for business don’t use this QR code maker.

Codigos-qr com

8. UQR

uQR is a competitive QR code maker that creates high-quality QR codes that integrates pay first before creating policy in their system. The use of this QR code maker targets businesses that are willing to pay before trying out the software. The number of dynamic QR codes that you can generate with uQR depends on the plan you avail. 

But if you are not convinced by the pay first before creating policy, you can always go to the best QR code generator that offers a free QR code generation experience before deciding to partner to one. 


9. QFuse

Just like the uQR QR code generator, QFuse is also a QR code generator software that requires users to sign up first before starting to explore their QR code generation interface. This software aims to target businesses that aim for a more competitive QR code utilization with enough funds to power their QR code generation. 


10. Barcodes. Inc

Barcodes Inc is a QR code generator that focuses on storing manufacturing product information to a QR code. Before, Barcodes.Inc is heavily focused in selling information unpacking tools such as barcode scanners and stickers. 

Since QR codes are bringing a new take in the barcode industry, they integrate the use of a QR code generator to let their customers generate their QR codes for their products and services. 

Barcodes Inc

11. High QR code

High QR code is a Google-powered QR code generator that gives their avid users a tool to explore the workings of a QR code. The QR code solutions it offers can range from the typical URL embedding to text embedding. The problem QR code experts encounter when using this QR code maker is that it occasionally flashes some ads when clicking the generation process. Because of its ad pop ups, their QR code generation experience is affected. 

High QR code generator com

12. QRExplore

QRExplore employs bulk QR code generation for users who like to generate their QR codes at once. This QR code generator is limited only to URL embedding, which makes QR code users experience limited to URL QR code generation. You can customize your QR code according to the color you like. But just like QRStuff, it doesn’t display a preview of your modified QR code design. 



With today’s changing demand for sharing and unpacking information in the business industry, the use of QR codes becomes one of the modern solutions businesses integrate. But as the use of them requires a great deliberation in partnering with the best QR code generator, QR code experts recommends the use of the top 3 best QR code generators they have tested. 

If you want to make the most out of your QR code generation, then the use of the best QR code generator from our list this is the best option that every businesses can have for the betterment of their business growth and engagements of their customers. 

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