The 15 Minute Sunset Growth

The 15 Minute Sunset Growth

This 15 minutes, of unfiltered nature was purely EPIC.

For day 9 of my expansion challenge I checked out the sunset over Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma with my daughter.

I’ve lived in San Diego for 17 years and had I never experienced this at this location? … WHY?!

Again the awareness is hitting me like a ton of bricks… no wonder “ruts” happen!

Why do we do the same dang things every single day and become so routine?

The commitment to do something I do not normally do every day for 30 days has actually gotten easier every day. Where I struggled day one of how to change things up I now have a list one over 70 things I want to experience.

Although some take time, many are very brief and actually FREE.

Tonight’s expansion is with some friends and is something I have not done in over 20 years. I’ll share about that experience tomorrow.


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