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Oh! Snap” – Haven’t heard about the next game in town yet? Gone are the days when Uno and Uno Flip ruled the card game scene.

There’s a new game in town that you need to know about – and that’s called the Snaps game! Well, if you’re a Harry Potter fan who also likes Severus Snape, and are inspired to ask us at this point, “After all this time?” then, let us tell you: “Always” – this game has been around for forevermore because it’s very easy to play, and it gets passed down through generations. Sure, there are a tons of games online like Minecraft but offline games that involve real people coming together cannot be replaced.

All you need to play is the game is a set of fingers that helps you snap, and some creativity – and yes we’re not kidding – read on. Well, if you’ve not been living under a rock and still have managed to never come across this game, or if you’re still unsure about what are the basic rules, hear us out.

The Ten Commandments to the Snaps Game

Are you thinking about how to play the game snaps? We’re here to spill the beans, and let you in on the basic rules of the Snaps game that you must know:

1. You need two people to play Snaps game

But you can play with more than two people. The person, who starts Snaps game, mentions a word or a phrase that everyone is usually familiar with. The rest of the players in the game have to guess what the word or the phrase is! That is the basic premise of this game.

2. The person starts off the game by calling “Snaps” out – and loud

So, you have to start by spelling out the individual letters of the word, by either snapping your fingers or using a statement – So, the snapper is the one who chooses the word and lets it out! The receiver or the receivers would listen to the snaps, and try to guess the word.

3. If the word the snapper chooses is a consonant

If the word chosen by the snapper is a consonant then you’ll say a statement whose first word is the same as the first alphabet of the word you’re playing with. So, if your choice of word for the game is “George” – the first letter is G, and hence the statement you’re saying must be something like “Get ready” – the first letter, here too, is a G!


4. Now, you as the snapper utter out a vowel

This is where the name of the Snaps game comes from. There are 5 vowels and each of these vowels has a different number of snaps allotted to it. The “A” vowel needs you to snap your fingers once, the vowel “E” needs you to snap your fingers twice, the vowel “I” needs you to snap your fingers thrice, whereas for “O” snap, you snap your fingers for four times and for “U” it is five times.

So, the basic premise this is based on is its numbering alphabetically – that implies that because A is the first vowel alphabetically, and in order of succession, it needs one snap while U is the last vowel alphabetically, and in order of positioning – it needs five!

5. One thing that continues to confuse players in Snaps game

Now, something that creates confusion is what happens if the word chosen by the snapper has a space between? Well, to your dismay, there’s no set cue that will guide the process! So, there’s no way to denote that there’s a space between.

6. This is more of an unsaid rule

It runs in the veins of the Snaps game, that is, because it is a game that is about guessing names like David, George, Britney, try to choose the name of a celebrity that’s common and would come to one’s mind, naturally! If you choose a difficult name like Xavier, which has different pronunciations, or starts off with a rare alphabet, it might complicate the game unnecessarily and kill the fun – you can’t start off a normal sentence with the alphabet X. So, even if your Snap word is X-Men, it would hardly benefit the game or its players – if no one can guess what’s the word, the game comes to a standstill and is no good to anyone!

7. You can improvise the rules of Snaps game by giving them clues

These are more in a statement form. What that implies, is if the word you have chosen is “George Washington”, you can tell your receiver or receivers that he was the first President of the United States of America. Or, if your chosen name is “Marlon Brando” for the game, you can mention that you’re talking about the Godfather! These are just simple tricks to ensure the game remains fun and frolic, and does not get dull and boring.

8. Before snapping – give some clues to your receivers

If you’re about to choose a word that’s a name, then say that “Snaps is the name of the game” which would mean the word you’re spelling out is the name of a person or a celebrity. If you’re going to give them a clue about the word you’re choosing, that is, if you’re about to utter out the clue – “first president” rather than the name “George Washington” then, say “Snaps is not the name of the game”.

9. Use the same pattern

And incorporate similar hacks for the rest of the alphabets in the word. Now, what happens if your receiver hasn’t received the signals, clues or the statements? You’re free to go back and repeat them! If you’re doing that, you’re not breaking any rules, or bypassing them – so that’s absolutely fine.

10. You can use other names rather than known ones

Or celebrity ones to play the game. That will give an edge to the game, and make it more fun and challenging at the same time. When you’re playing, try not to opt for words that are very long because not only would that take forever to explain and take forward. And, you as the snapper would have to keep in mind that you don’t start pronouncing words too fast like the other person can’t even understand what you’re saying.

So, these were the basic rules of playing the Snaps game. The game is really simple and a lot of fun. Snaps is known to make parties and get together more interesting for decades.

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