Thoughts, Choices And Habits Can Change You

Thoughts, Choices And Habits Can Change You

The Story of how 7 Day Jump Start was born

Who I am at 48 (49 this September) is not who I was 12 years ago at all. And who you are today can be totally different with a change in thoughts, choices and habits.

12 years ago I was a different person. I had  just had my daughter , was going through a divorce, the economy crashed (remember 2008!?), I was losing my house, and I was a MESS. Not just emotionally and financially, but PHYSICALLY. I was tired, overweight and so sad.

Before you say “but you just had a baby!” YES I did. BUT she weighed just over 6 lbs. The placenta did not weigh 54 lbs but the daily Mcdonalds french fries and hot fudge sundaes with extra fudge may or may not have contributed to that 60 extra lbs I had put on.

ANYWAYS, back to my story.

The feeling was what I would describe as “out of control”. I was depressed, moody and not like myself. Have you ever felt this way?

I DECIDED them that this was not who I wanted to be anymore. I DECIDED there was so much more for me. Are you THERE yet?

What happened next was starting with what could be controlled- what I was putting in my body

There was a simple method around this and it worked. I dropped 5 lbs that first week and then continued to lose 2 lbs a week. That first month I released 12 lbs and that was the beginning of a new empowered me.

I documented the whole simple method and shared it with at first  just 10 women, then 100 and today thousands have used this method. I named it the 7 Day Jump Start and the Original 7 Day Jump Start Original Plan was Born.

When women come to me and say “help” or “I have lost my way” or “where do I start” or even “how do I get back on track” this is ALWAYS where I send them first.



Natalie Jill


The 7 Day and 4 week Jump Start are lifestyle programs. They are level one and super easy to follow. The MAIN difference between 4 week and 7 Day is the AMOUNT of days, the menu options (four weeks for 4 week Jump Start and 7 days for 7 day jump start).

**NOTE 7 Day Jump Start is ALSO a physical book in STORES. They are SIMILAR plans but one is a physical book. The advantage of the 7 Day Jump Start DIGITAL download is that it comes with additional recipe downloads and is the ORIGINAL version. 

Here are the links for all three:

The 7 Day Jump Start Original PLAN

The 7 day jump start THE PLAN is the ORIGINAL plan Natalie launched that has helped tens of thousands of people jump start their weight loss journey. It is a 7 day lifestyle and meal planning program and is very effective. It is a program that you download and can start right away. It also comes with a few bonuses. You can learn more about “the plan” at The 7 Day Jump start BOOK is more a full color copy recipe book. It  includes a 7 day meal plan and 7 seven minute workouts but also has 84 new fat burning recipes! It is a hard cover recipe book that you can get at Barnes And Noble or on Amazon. You can also find out more about the book HERE:


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