Top 10 BOTW Side Quests That You Didn’t Know

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW) has more than just main quests for you to indulge in. If you are done dueling with every character of the franchise or want to warm up before you finally head to the ultimate confrontation, we have a bunch of BOTW side quests that you will find exhilarating.

BOTW side quests provide you with additional missions and quests that are usually not available in the Main Quest. Here is a list of 10 of the most exciting BOTW side quests that you can participate in whenever you want. At this point, it is fair to issue a spoiler alert as all these quests are detailed with the activities, rewards, and reasons to pursue them.

1. The side quests of Gerudo : BOTW Side Quests

The first BOTW side quest that you must indulge in is providing help to all the residents of Gerudo. The prize for this BOTW side quest is the “Thunder Helm”. Obtaining this item means that you are eligible to ride Riju, a supernatural creature and travel across the world. It may not be the most visually appealing piece of metal craft but once you wear it you are immune to the effects of lightning. In order to retrieve this item, you have to perform multiple BOTW side quests such as rescuing a woman living in Gerudo from the desert and delivering ice among others.

2. The side quests of Kakariko

The next equally thrilling BOTW side quest will be to acquire scintillating anecdotes about a villager from Kakariko. When I say equally thrilling, I mean as much excitement as that involved in retrieving the “Thunder Helm”. In this BOTW side quest, you will have to deliver to Cado all his cucco’s and provide Koko with all the food she may need. A bonus side quest will allow you to display a few fireflies as well.

3. Covering all the shrines of the maze

These BOTW side quests involve the adventures to multiple shrines that you can be a part of, if you want to. Some of the most famous shrines that you may be attracted to include the Dila Maag Shrine, the Tu Ka’loh Shrine, and the Qaza Tokki Shrine. All three are located respectively in the eastern side of Gerudo, northern side of Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, and northeastern side of the village of Rito. If you participate in these BOTW side quests and emerge victorious, you will be awarded plenty of items to help you with the main quests. This includes a Barbarian Armor and a Barbarian Helm to name a couple.

4. Acquiring the tools to climb

Some of the challenges in the main quest requires you to climb up but not take too much time to do so. Participating and winning certain BOTW side quests will ensure that you retrieve the right equipment to speed up your climb to the top. Some of the most sought-after equipment to climb include the Climber’s Bandanna, the Climber Boots, and the Climbing Gear to name a few. You can obtain these tools in the BOTW side quests of Ree Dahee Shrine, Tahno O’ah Shrine, and the Chaas Qeta Shrine respectively.

5. Finding the red-haired horse

Another major acquisition that you can make in the BOTW side quests involves a giant horse with red hair in Lake Tower beside the Mounted Archery Camp. In order to complete the quest successfully, you will have to journey to the Taobab Grassland where you may or may not have to fight the Lynels. Once that is done you will find this horse, which you will then have to climb upon and take it back to a character named Straia to get it registered in the nearest stable. With that, you have successfully completed this particular BOTW side quest.

Finding the red-haired horse BOTW Side Quests

6. Find the white horse

In addition to the red-haired horse, there is also a white horse that you must find out as well. To complete this BOTW side quest you have to travel to the Sanidin Park Ruins with the horse located at the northeast of a stable near this region. You will require plenty of stamina to finish this BOTW side quest and therefore I advise to have as much stamina potions as possible. The white horse also happens to be the horse of Zelda. Now that should really interest you.

7. Find out what is happening in the bar at Gerudo

A group of women at a bar in Gerudo will be talking to each other regarding a secret club at Gerudo and how one can gain access to it. But the challenge is that if these women see you, they will stop talking. Therefore, in this BOTW side quest you have to make your way to the house of Rotana so that you can listen to them without revealing yourself. This secret club happens to be in a clothing store and if you finish this BOTW side quest successfully you can even buy yourself some clothes provided you have adequate luminous stones.

8. Find the Gerudo woman looking for 10 flint

Before entering the Gerudo town you will come across a woman who can guide you to the Jewelry Shop. But you will have to give 10 flint to strike that bargain. The benefit of this BOTW side quest is that once you are in the Jewelry shop, you can purchase any item that comes along with its additional powers.

Find the Gerudo woman looking for 10 flint BOTW Side Quests

9. Helping the guy in Gerudo

For this BOTW side quest you will have to meet up a man named Bozai who will request you do a lot of things for him. One of those requests happens to be taking a lot of pictures. The prizes you receive for successfully completing this BOTW side quest are snow boots and sand boots. They will be of great help to you as they will increase your speed on snow and sand respectively.

10. The island in the southeast

Apart from all the above shrines, there is the Eventide Island that you can embark upon. However, this BOTW side quest is a lot more challenging than the ones discussed previously. This one involves you to use up all your equipment that you have acquired so far if you wish to stay alive. 

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