Top 10 Electric Bikes With Prices

Bikes never go out of fashion, for they not only present to you a moderately fast pace of commuting, but also gives you the benefits of healthy living. Electric bikes are all in vogue, in the present season, for they are not mopeds, but merely assist you in pedaling. The motors of these bikes help you reach 15.5 mph, and then any extra speed that you bring about, comes from you.

Though there are speculations that electric bikes do not help you exercise so much, by assisting you in peddling, the truth is different. They actually help you exercise more, by tempting you to saddle more with that thought that you’ll be assisted in peddling when you’re going near a hilltop. Besides, electric bikes come with batteries, which make it heavier than normal bikes, hence you have to put in more effort to pedal. Moreover, there are times you run out of battery juice, and you pedal the heavier vehicle all by your effort.

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Now that its established that electric bikes are rewarding to your health and also enjoyable, let’s find out the top 10 electric bikes out there: 

1. Volt Bikes Pulse

This electric bike, designed and made in the UK, comes in two versions. One version is an electric bike that offers 60 mile range, which comes for £1,699, and the other which offers 80 miles range, and comes for £1,899. Weighing around 20.5 kg, this electric bike has a charging time of 3 to 4 hours, on an average. The 60-mile range electric bike of Volt Bikes come in two sizes, as well. This electric bike has been designed to provide comfort and the tyres are puncture-resistant, and disc brakes make riding easier on wet surfaces. The pedal assistance, it comes with, can be set to 5 different levels and so it allows you to save some battery under normal circumstances. You can charge the battery on the bike, or when it is removed. 

2. VanMoof

VanMoof electric bike, weighing around 19 kg, offers a mile range of 90 and takes up 8 hours to charge. It’s gearing and disc brakes are quite advanced, and it has a strikingly compelling design. The gearing shift is automatic, and you are up for unbelievably comfort rides along flat terrain. A boost button at the handlebar allows you to set off at speed, whenever you desire. The security features, it comes with, makes it a powerful vehicle. It has a GPS tracker, integral lock and an alarm, and you can operate them all through a smartphone app. This electric bike is priced at £1,798 and is worth the buy! 

3. Ampler Stout

Weighing around 17 kg, Ampler Stout electric bike has a range of 43 miles and usually takes around 3 hours to charge. Priced at £2,250, it offers 10 gears and it is a wonderfully designed bike. This electric bike has its battery in the downtube, and the battery is not removable for charging. Available in two colors, green and grey, this has great LED lights that make it look very attractive, and one downside is not having a chain guard.

4. GoCycle GX

Not your conventional electric bike, this GX bike weighs 16.5 kg, and has a range of 50 miles. It takes 4 to 7 hours for charging, and has 3 gears. Designed to provide excellent comfort, this electric bike offers improved cable routeing, and is particularly remarkable on slippery terrain. Its front wheel has a traction control system, which makes it possible. Besides, it comes equipped with a detach pitstop wheels, by virtue of which, fixing a puncture or removing front and back wheels becomes very easy. 

5. Brompton electric M2L

This electric bike, priced at £2,595 has a range of 45 miles and weighs around 16 kg, including battery. It does not take more than 4 hours to be fully charged, and has two gears. Moreover, the USP of Brompton electric bike is its folding mechanism, which ensures unbelievable comfort and good portability. This quintessential folding electric bike has three different style options, which offers different colours, gearing and handlebars. 

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6. GTech eBike city

This GTech electric bike, which weighs around 16 kg, has a range of 30 miles, and takes around 3 hours to charge. Instead of a chain, it comes with a carbon fibre belt drive, which ensures no staining on your clothes. The battery has a clear display, so you’re informed all the time, and this electric bike is priced at £995, and is a terrific value for money!

7. Rayvolt Cruzer

Weighing around 35 kg, this electric bike has a range of 26 or 50 miles, depending upon the version. It takes around 6 hours to charge, and it is a brilliantly designed bike which turns heads. Available in two colors, clockwork orange and british racing green, this electric bike comes with a clever torque sensor and regenerative braking and is judiciously priced at £3,360. 

8. Volt Bikes Kensington

Priced at £3,360, this electric bike by Volt Bikes, weighs around 24.7kg, and has a range of 60 miles. It has a charging time of 2.5 hours, and it has 8 gears. Elegantly design, this electric bike is available in two colours, light blue and cream. There are three sizes, and the smallest size is available only in the blue colour variant. 

9. Cowboy 3

Priced at £1,990, this electric bike has a range of 43 miles and takes 3.5 hours to charge. Weighing around 17 kg, it is slick and urban looking in appearance. An extra 79 pounds can add mudguards to your electric bike, and its battery is pretty much hidden from plain eye sight. Though hard to spot, it is still removable for charging. It has a smartphone companion app that allows automatic unlocking and other innovative features. 

10. Rayvolt Torino

Priced at £3,360, this electric bike weighs 35 kg, and is available in two versions of 26 miles range and 50 miles range. It has 1 gear, and takes around 6 hours to charge. It is a powerful and fast rides, that offers stability and speed. Designed in a classy manner, the choice of two batteries is available for this electric bike. 

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