Top Tips for Writing a Dissertation Quickly

If you are a student, you’ve probably been told several times to start writing your dissertation months before the deadline. But students are known to procrastinate. So what should you do if you have only a few days or a week to the deadline? Can you compose a high-quality dissertation in a short time? Of course. Others have done it, so can you. Read on to know more about the best way to complete a dissertation fast.

Set Up an Effective Writing Space

To write faster, you have to make your environment the best conducive space. Furthermore, research shows that light qualities and the study environment play a crucial role in the student’s success. 

Set your writing area near a window where you can take advantage of natural light. When you add extra lighting, ensure no reflections can cause an unintended glare as it will interfere with your ability to read notes on paper and, in turn, hinder productivity. Overall, make the space comfortable.

When you are comfortable, you are more likely to stay motivated and focused for longer and become more productive. A good writing space for any long academic paper, including a dissertation, should be free of distraction and clutter.

Set Realistic Chapter Goals

A dissertation is one of the longest and most complicated academic papers a student will ever write. It can cover hundreds of pages and shows in-depth on the topic. Remember it will contribute to your final grade. Hence can be a major determinant on whether or not you will graduate that year. It also has several chapters, some of which will be longer. So before writing, look at your topic and gauge which chapters are likely to be hard and take longer to complete.

Assign those chapters to an essay writer who is a subject expert and someone willing to work within your deadline. Ensure you set the deadline way before the submission date for your dissertation. That way, you have ample time to check the work and ensure it meets the academic standards.

Set Realistic Deadlines

As aforementioned, a dissertation is a lengthy task with several chapters. Most don’t get finished on time because the student:

  • Is overcome with feelings of inadequacy
  • Gets overwhelmed by the task
  • Has self-defeating thoughts
  • Is too concerned with the supervisor’s reaction or comments

The top reason the dissertation doesn’t finish is that the student failed to set clear deadlines. If you overestimate how quickly you can complete the dissertation, you might end up scrambling to meet the deadline, which leads to stress, getting overwhelmed or burnout. 

To meet deadlines, you have to stop multitasking. Be distraction-free during the writing period to focus on the chapter you are scheduled to complete. Set clear, realistic deadlines for each chapter, with the longest hours going to the biggest sections that need to be written, such as review of literature, discussion and methodology. With deadlines for each chapter, the writing task becomes more manageable.

Don’t Be Consumed With Perfectionism

Students often get discouraged from writing because they want the first draft to be perfect. The trick to good writing is to first get your thoughts on paper and ensure every paragraph supports your main argument or works to test your hypothesis.

When the first draft is finished, you need to go back and edit it to remove unsubstantiated arguments and bad grammar. Once you set your mind and know that rewriting has to be part of the writing process, you can write freely and faster.

Write Easy Chapters First

You will likely be discouraged if you spend too much time writing a specific dissertation chapter only to end up with one paragraph. The trick to keeping morale high is to move to chapters that are easy to write.

If you get stuck in a particular section, skip it and move to another one. Once you get more words on paper, you will be confident to tackle difficult parts. If you force writing, you might end up with a substandard chapter or waste time, resulting in a rushed task. So complete easier section fast, so you have enough time to focus on the areas you are likely to struggle with the most.

Write the Introduction Last

You often find that you have to modify your thesis statement or overall argument as you progress in the writing process. That is why it helps to write the introduction last because once all the other chapters are done, you’ll have a clear idea of how to frame the argument for the dissertation.

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