Transformation Is Mental First

Transformation Is Mental First

FIVE SECONDS APART. These pictures were  taken  just 5 seconds apart. This is not a physical transformation, it’s a MENTAL one. Let me explain…

You have to BELIEVE IT then you will SEE IT

We ACHIEVE what we see and visualize. See yourself as XYZ and you will take habits around that vision of yourself. On the left ‘feeling’ gross, feeling “bloated” because I’m pms-ing, ate stuff I do not normally eat today and was feeling yuck. That “state” made me want to eat more (what’s the point) and not workout (what’s the point)…have you been there?

On the RIGHT, sucking in my tummy, separating my legs, looks totally different. AND this is how I choose to see myself posed or not. Fit, strong, healthy and like someone who can not be perfect and still be that fit, strong and healthy person every day even on off days.

Change your HABITS and get different results.

I choose to create my routines, my thoughts, my actions and my habits from that space. The space of my highest potential.

You see, transformation STARTS with DECIDING. Deciding you are IN, and deciding you are ready to SEE YOURSELF DIFFERENTLY. It’s a mental game for sure. BELIEVE IT and then you will SEE IT.

If you focus on bloat, slump, what you hate, what you don’t like you will take different actions and achieve that.If you focus on your best version possible of you then you will take actions and create habits to support that.

Don’t give up because of an off day.

DON’T compare YOUR normal left to the not normal squeezed in and posed right.

I let it out right after the pic

Now off to focus on fit version me…


Natalie Jill

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