Do shizz that scares the heck out of you, feeds your soul, keeps you fully PRESENT and reminds you how alive you really are. That is how we age in reverse.

Can’t believe the life changing experiences over the last week and 1/2… and still more coming here in this magical place of Costa Rica.

So far in the last 10 days…
Flew in a super scary 4 person plane. Did I mention I’m terrified of heights?

Submerged in an ice bucket and it made cryotherapy feel like nursery school.

Jumped in a dark water hole and submerged on the other side by some Mayan ruins. (I have a fear of drowning by they way that I may have overcome)

Picked raw cacao pods off a tree and ate them

Did a colonic! Omg what was that!

Learned and now LOVE “breath work” omg- had no idea this type of meditative work was available to us anytime anywhere.

Connected with the most amazing people because I surrendered and ASKED for help.

Dang it’s great to be ALIVE. I love life.

And I know now that “the universe rewards bravery.”

So much healing, growing, connecting and learning… More to come….


Natalie Jill

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