What Are the Best Sites to Run a Background Check Online?

Background checks are essential for parties who are intrigued to learn more about an individual or organization. They’re especially important when you intend to enter business with someone, or if you’re entering a personal arrangement without having the details to commit.

Background checks differ from credit checks because they use public databases to discover information on one or more people. If you’re contemplating whether a background check is worthwhile given the situation you’re in, you should consider how additional information could affect your decision-making.

Whether it’s for personal reasons like finding a family member, or learning more about a potential business partner, making the most of the information at your disposal is a sensible move. More advanced services offer further information on real estate and businesses, executed in a simple, effortless fashion.

Websites like CheckPeople.com offer an exceptional service. To determine whether this will suit your individual needs and requirements, you can use this CheckPeople.com review to evaluate the pros and cons.

This is just one of many background check services you can take advantage of. Here are some others which are well worth checking out:


Intelius commit to running extensive checks which cover a wide range of criteria. They offer a comprehensive service that extends beyond normal parameters, checking things like criminal history, financial information and usual addresses. You can also get an overview of someone’s education history, observing the connections you have with a party via a graphical view.

Intelius makes it very easy to spot how things are related, and though the service is more expensive you certainly get what you pay for. $50 per report is the usual fee, or there’s a monthly subscription service available for regular use.

If it’s quality you’re after, Intelius is a great option.


What’s unique about PeopleFinders is its ability to uncover data that rival services don’t. It’s a very good, comprehensive service which is within the realm of affordability. You’ll be surprised by the services you can uncover. For example, you might learn about a company owned by one of your targets, or gain valuable additional information on a competitor.

However, the concept lacks social media data. In fact, it’s not great on social media stuff in general. You will benefit from one of the cheapest prices on the market, paying a reasonable $25 per month for sufficient service.

PeopleFinders is especially good if you need to use something over a period of time.

US Search

US Search is an excellent option if you’re seeking an alternative solution that is simple and affordable. US Search might have a fairly antiquated web design, but they’ve been able to invest more in offering excellent price points and advanced search options.

If you’re after a basic address and relatives report you’ll pay as little as $3, which goes up to $15 when including a one-state criminal check. It might not be the prettiest experience ever, but it’s definitely effective.

For just $40, you’ll get marriage records and social media checks thrown in too!


BeenVerified covers the usual essentials but is especially good at finding out someone’s employment history. Property or business assets is an optional extra. Otherwise, you can benefit from a service that covers the basics the right way.

Using BeenVerified is a recommended decision, especially in scenarios where you’re looking for service level information. It’s especially good if you’re seeking regular checks since you can sign up for a recurring one-month subscription or pay slightly more for three months.

For an affordable service with solid results, you’ll certainly benefit from BeenVerified.

Instant Checkmate

Despite the website having relatively slow loading times, Instant Checkmate produces surprisingly respectable results. For $40 a month, or $80 for three months, you can enjoy a respectable service, although there’s no single report option.

There is an extra charge for downloadable reports, yet it’s a service that offers good value for money, accurate data and great search tools.

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